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A More Reliable Algorithm

In the ever-expanding world of machine learning, there have been positive breakthroughs in reinforcement learning, a computer-based method focused on rewarding desired behaviors and punishing undesired ones.

However, challenges remain when it comes to applying reinforcement learning to important real-world scenarios in which catastrophic failure is unacceptable.

Never Forget

Today, less than ten percent of the genes of Jews living in the 13th century still exist. Think about that for a second. When we talk about genocide, that’s the kind of impact that defines the term. The 20th century Holocaust carried out by the Nazis played an important role in bringing about this grim figure, but it received lots of help through centuries of antisemitism and antiJudaism. Putting this historical record in its broader perspective will be the aim of the college’s next phase of Holocaust education.

The Daily Yonder: Racial and Ethnic Diversity of Rural Population Grows by Nearly 20%

The Daily Yonder: "Over the past decade, the rural population declined by 0.6% but simultaneously became nearly 4 percentage points more diverse. That represents a nearly 20% increase in the portion of rural residents who are members of a racial or ethnic minority. In the following article, excerpted from a report published by the Carsey School of Public Policy at the University of New Hampshire, Kenneth M. Johnson and Daniel T. Lichter look more closely at these trends."