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Passion for Fashion

When quarantine began, communications arts major Haley Vinciguerra ’21 seized the opportunity to pursue her passion for fashion by creating Aver Streetwear, a brand that encourages wearers to exist loudly and assert themselves with confidence.

The Washington Post: U.S. population growth hits record low, slowed by pandemic

In this recent article, The Washington Post examines 2020 Census data showing that in the last year the U.S. grew by the smallest percentage since its founding. The article includes discussion with different demographers including Ken Johnson of the Carsey School, who called the sharp decline in natural increase “stunning” and said the pandemic played a central role in that precipitous drop.

Going With The Flow

Climate change is expected to cause more droughts and stronger storms, and a new UNH study suggests that as these precipitation extremes grow more common the effect on water quality may be hard to predict. Rainfall and drought have direct impacts on the amount of carbon and nutrients, such as nitrogen, washing into our waterways, and healthy nutrient concentrations are important for maintaining fisheries, food webs and recreational value.

Yahoo News/New Hampshire Union Leader: NH grows more diverse, faces call for change

"If not for the minority child population gain, New Hampshire would face even greater challenges in meeting the labor force demands of the future. Just as the parents of these minority children are already contributing to the current demand for workers in the state."

Carsey School Senior Demographer Ken Johnson recently spoke with the New Hampshire Union Leader about the diversifying of New Hampshire in an article that also examines how the state's education system should also respond to the growth in the number of children of non-white races.

STEM Outreach Success

The COVID pandemic provided no shortage of opportunities for organizations to adapt, and that’s precisely what four STEM Teaching Fellows did when they developed outreach activities for second graders at Manchester’s Boys and Girls Club during fall 2020.

Style Matters

Researchers at the University of New Hampshire and the University of Nebraska at Omaha took a closer look at international leadership styles and found global leaders that had a rational, problem-solving approach toward the COVID-19 crisis were associated with fewer country-wide infections.