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Fighting Suicide with Science

  Michael Staley didn’t plan to be the first person in America to have his job, but his life experiences were preparing him for exactly that. Staley, a doctoral candidate in sociology at UNH, has been... Read More

Recent Stories

  • Four images of the purslane seed, including two under microscope
    - Seed Coats Could Lead to “Smart” Materials, New UNH research Finds
    UNH researchers found the puzzle-like structure of the delicate seed coat of plants like purslane could hold the secret to creating new smart materials. Read More
  • Alyssa Ware ‘18
    - Hands-on Human Development
    Alyssa Ware ‘18 has the UNH career fair and a social networking career site to thank for landing the job she started shortly after graduating. Oh, and the education she received... Read More
  • Change Agent
    - Change Agent
    Many students enter college with a desire to make the world a better place. Philosophy grad Eden Suoth ’18 is actually doing it.  Read More
  • Planner Extraordinaire
    - Planner Extraordinaire
    Hospitality management graduate Heather Price ’18 explored every speciality before landing on her favorite. Read More
  • Born Leader
    - Born Leader
    Abigail Lehner ’18 credits UNH with helping her develop leadership skills, but we suspect she was born a leader.  Read More
  • Natalie Stackhouse '18
    - Falling in Love With Social Work
    Natalie Stackhouse wasn’t sure what to study when she first arrived at UNH. But it didn't take long to find her passion. Read More
  • Nelson Thomas ’20 making his presentation at the Social Innovation showcase.
    - Social Innovation Internships
    Nelson Thomas ’20 was among 24 UNH students who participated in social innovation internships this summer and presented their work July 24.  Read More
  • group photo of interns
    - Interns Who Innovate
    COLA students work toward social and environmental good at Social Innovation program internships. Read More
  • UNH Professor Emeritus Stacia Sower at work with a student
    - A Career Is Celebrated
    Special issue of "General and Comparative Endocrinology" highlights Professor Emeritus Stacia Sower's accomplishments and research legacy. Read More
  • Artist's drawing of research ship
    - Exploring the Seas
    UNH will co-operate a forthcoming research vessel that will provide cutting-edge technology for scientists to study the Atlantic Ocean and adjoining seas. Read More