New Hampshire State Champ American chestnut tree

No Chestnuts To Roast on an Open Fire

New Englanders searching the woods for chestnuts to roast on an open fire this holiday season will be hard pressed to find a mature American chestnut tree bearing nuts. American chestnut has been under attack for a century from a persistent chestnut blight that has killed trees from... Read More
Justin Williams
UNH graduate student Justin Williams inspects a hemlock branch. (Photo: Kristi Donahue, UNH/EOS) The hemlock woolly adelgid is the single greatest... Read More
The Spirit and Sport of Lumberjacking
  Think about where the axe is going to hit. Don't overthink where the axe is going to hit. Be sure to exhale through your downswing, and follow... Read More
pine tree closeup
Imagine a class full of students arrayed around a white pine tree in a 30-meter square, staring up through toilet paper tubes at the foliage. Now... Read More

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