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SDM Electives

The UNH Sustainability Dual Major (SDM) addresses the study of sustainability through a broad range of disciplines including the natural sciences, engineering, social sciences, humanities, and the arts. The primary goal of the SDM is to improve student understanding of the complex dynamics resulting from the interaction of social and natural systems. The SDM explores how individuals and institutions influence interactions among ecosystems, social and cultural systems, and the environment. Sustainability is concerned with improving society’s capacity to meet the needs of a growing human population, sustain planetary life support systems, and creating the necessary conditions for individuals, communities, and ecosystems to thrive.

The dual major includes three required, sequenced SUST courses (401, 501, & 750; 12 credits) and five electives from across the campus. The five electives serve a critical role in the SDM. We expect that one or more of the following learning objectives can be provided by each of the five electives.

  • Learn to analyze and evaluate current sustainability challenges that involve coupled social-ecological systems;
  • Learn to create innovative models, approaches, frameworks and/or business ideas that address one or more local, regional, or global sustainability challenges involving coupled social-ecological systems;
  • Demonstrate understanding of the complex cultural, scientific, and social perspectives of sustainability challenges;
  • Demonstrate a capacity to communicate an understanding of the complex challenges inherent in sustainability theory and practice in a manner that is understandable for both novice and advanced audiences
  • Develop competencies to work across multiple disciplines to solve sustainability challenges;
  • Learn to work in transdisciplinary teams;
  • Directly engage with the challenges and opportunities of sustainability on and beyond the campus.

To Request that your course(s) be included on the SDM electives list, please:

  1. Briefly describe (1-2 paragraphs) how your course could contribute to the SDM with direct reference to the learning objectives listed above;
  2. Attach a recent syllabus from the course to your reply;
  3. Indicate what semester(s) the course will be offered and who will teach it

PLEASE RETURN your brief description to: Cameron Wake

Current SDM Electives

If you have any questions, please contact Cameron Wake (SDM Program Chair) (603) 862-2329.


Requests for funding to support sustainability course development are TBD. Please check back at a later date.