How to Speak Your Language of Sex, Love, & Play with guest speaker Aredvi Azad,

Monday, April 10, 2023 - 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Memorial Union Building Strafford Room

How to Speak Your Language of Sex, Love, & Play
with guest speaker Aredvi Azad, Co-ED of The Heal Project (@heal2end)
Monday, April 10 | 6:30-8pm | Strafford Room

Join us for a workshop with Aredvi Azad, co-executive director of the heal project on how to navigate the complex language of consent, safety, and getting what you desire. Negotiating consent is a phrase often left out of our conversations about sex. When we think of love, romance, relationships, sex, and fucking, other thoughts and frameworks come to mind. Fireworks, cruising, a dozen roses, and unspoken chemistry are the cornerstones of navigating sex and intimacy. But in the real world, we know that getting what we desire and working to make a just and vibrant exchange within sexual dynamics doesn't just happen. We have to talk, discuss, negotiate, and be held accountable for all of our desires – those spoken and unspoken. This of course is easier said than done in a world where love has many languages; where race, gender and class oppression abound and where many of us are recovering from trauma. Open to all UNH community members.

Sponsored by: SHARPP, Panhellenic Council, Interfraternity Council, Off-Campus Engagement + Fraternity & Sorority Life, Community Equity & Diversity
Supported By: Memorial Union & Student Activities Leadership Labs

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