External training Links

Here are a few External Training Links from our Instrument Vendors and the software used on our instruments:

  1. Tescan Virtual Learning Lab
  2. Olympus Technical Seminar Series: An Introduction to Reflected Light Laser Confocal Microscopy on May 13, 2020

  3. University of Michigan - Tescan SEM
  4. A protocol for biological sample (bacteria) prep for the SEM
  5. Stanford University Mass Spectrometry Training Series
  6. Canadian Center for Electron Microscopy Events
  7. Bruker 
  8. Karolinska Institutet – NIS-Elements software used on Nikon Confocal Microscope
  9. Sorting Flow Cytometer - Sony SH800Z
  10. Zeiss Versa 610 X-Ray Microscope

                          Mentioned in Lesson 26: Watershed Transform & Distance Map Tutorial for Dragonfly 4.1

     Mentioned in Lesson 27 - Ryan McKeown video