Micro Computed Tomography System (µCT) – Zeiss Versa 610 X-Ray Microscope

The high resolution Zeiss Versa 610 µCT system is available for researchers in a variety of disciplines for fast, sub-micron, non-destructive imaging and analysis of various specimen. Using a high flux source, multiple objectives, and Zeiss’ Scout and Scan system, the Versa 610 can obtain true spatial resolution of 500 nm.

Micro CT

Dragonfly Pro software is available at the instrument and at an additional workstation for segmentation and further post processing of data.

Samples can be set up for scanning and then remotely monitored using Teamviewer ® ensuring best use of resources.

Manufacturer:                    Zeiss                                         
Model #:                                 Versa 610
Year of Manuf:                    2019                                                   
Year Acquired:                    2019
Location:                               Parsons Room W126


  • Spatial resolution to 500 nm with a minimum achievable voxel size of 40 nm.
  • Source voltage range of 30-160 kV.
  • Max power of 25 W.
  • Objectives include the 0.4X, 4X, and 20X.
  • Max sample size up to 25kg and 300mm in diameter.
  • Advanced absorption and phase contrast for low Z materials and soft tissue.
  • Zeiss’ Scout and Scan control system provides an efficient environment with recipe-based set-up that makes Xradia 610 Versa easy for users with a wide variety of experience levels.
  • Zeiss’ Resolution at a Distance (RAAD) uses a two-stage magnification technique to enable high resolution to be achieved on relatively large samples.
  • A variety of sample holders are available.

Principle Scientist:  Nancy Cherim


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Contact Information

W123 Parsons Hall
Durham, NH 03824
Phone: (603) 862-2790


UNH Rate: 
$61.00/hour  assisted
$17.00/hour  unassisted

Non UNH academic Rate: 
$122.00/hour  assisted
  $34.00/hour  unassisted

Industry Rate:
$250.00/hour  assisted
$168.00/hour  unassisted