Know Your Power® Bystander Social Marketing Campaign

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Developed by researchers at the University of New Hampshire, the Know Your Power Bystander Social Marketing Campaign is a nationally recognized program focused on reducing sexual and relationship violence and stalking on college campuses. The campaign consists of a series of images which portray realistic and thought-provoking scenarios that highlight the important role all members of the community have in ending sexual assault, relationship violence, and stalking.

The images raise awareness about the problem of sexual and relationship violence and stalking and model active bystander behaviors that target audience members can use in situations where violence is occurring, has occurred, or has the potential to occur. The Know Your Power Campaign can be used on its own or in combination with the Bringing in the Bystander® In-Person Prevention Program.

Through guided exercises in focus groups, over 700 target audience members have contributed to the design and message of the images.  The campaign currently has 25 images that can be used on 11x17 posters, table tents, bookmarks, postcards, computer pop-up screens, King Kong bus wraps and websites. The campaign logo can also be used on water bottles, gym bags, buttons and flashlights. New images are continually being developed and the campaign images and products can be customized to be effective in each campaign environment.

What’s the impact?

Evaluation of the campaign images show that exposure to the Know Your Power Bystander Social Marketing Campaign is effective in raising target audience members’ awareness of the problems of sexual and relationship violence and stalking. The program:

  • Increases target audience members’ knowledge of how to safely intervene in cases of sexual and relationship violence
  • Increases their willingness to get involved in reducing violence
  • Increases the likelihood that they have acted as an active bystander in a situation where sexual and relationship violence is about to occur, is occurring or has occurred.

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