Bringing in the Bystander



Rather than focusing narrowly on perpetrators and victims, the highly interactive, researched and evaluated Bringing in the Bystander® Prevention Program uses a community of responsibility approach in high schools, colleges and workplaces. It teaches bystanders in high schools and colleges how to safely intervene in situations where an incident may be occurring or where there may be risk.  The program is customizable to reflect the locations, colloquialisms, and culture of your school or organization. 


We offer train-the-trainer sessions, to ensure your facilitators can confidently train students and employees. Along with standard curricula, we provide supporting materials and continuing support to ensure your success during implementation.

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Prevention Innovations Research Center informs the research behind the Bringing in the Bystander® program, as well as other best practices in preventing and responding to sexual and interpersonal violence and harassment. We know the high cost of these public health problems to both individuals and communities. That is why Prevention Innovations Research Center, along with our partner organization, Soteria Solutions, disseminate scientifically proven effective practices that are informed by the people who are most impacted by these efforts. 

We build collaborative relationships with community partners. These partnerships are crucial to the prevention and response strategies that Prevention Innovations Research Center has developed over decades. Soteria Solutions will continue to shift the prevention and response paradigm by establishing effective partnerships, which intentionally analyze the needs of practitioners and survivors to identify solutions that build safe and respectful working, living and learning communities.

Consultation and Evaluation 

To increase effectiveness, we routinely provide services tailored to your organization and unique circumstances. Technical support, consultation and evaluation enables your organization to continue to implement bystander intervention techniques and achieve cultural change.

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