Changes to Existing Undergraduate Majors/Minors

Protocol for Submitting Changes to Major/Minor Requirements

This applies to all changes, including

  • Addition/Deletion of a required course (as opposed to an elective course)
  • Number of credits required for major/minor
  • Study Abroad/Internship requirements
  • Course sequencing/pre (co)-requisite change
  • Other structural changes to the major/minor
When Can Program or Degree Changes Occur?
  1.    Additions, deletions, changes to number of or specific requirements may be made once a year. All documentation is due to the Provost’s Office by March 15. Requests made after March 15 will not be approved for the next academic year.
  2.   A department may request course additions to a major, minor, or program list of “elective” requirements twice a year, by October 15 (effective Spring Semester) and March 15 (effective Fall Semester).
Step 1.   Proposed change originates in Department/Program
  • Faculty discusess, votes and approves
  • Chair/Coordinator forwards a memo to the Dean's Office:
    • Cover memo drafted and signed by Chair/Coordinator which must include:
      • Proposed change to the major/minor
      • Rationale for the proposed change
      • Portrayal of former major vs. major after requested change
      • Description of how the faculty voted and the vote count
      • Timeline (when effective)
      • Statement noting that currently matriculated students will be allowed to follow catalog of the year they matriculated OR follow the proposed changes
Step 2.  Dean's Office forwards the request to the college governance structure where indicated.  If approved, the governance committee forwards to the Dean for approval or back to the department with comments.


Step 3.  If approved by the Dean, the Dean sends the department/program materials and his/her own approval letter to SVPAA addressing the following items:
  • Statement of change
  • Rationale for change
  • Department/program vote and Chair/Coordinator approval
  • Dean statement of approval
  • Timeline (when effective)
    • Dean's letter Cc's:  Chair/Coordinator, Registrar (Andy Colby and Dana Moran), Catalog Copy (responsible person in College), Admissions (S. Gibadlo), Associate Director of UACC (Nate Talbot), UNH-M:  Admissions and Director of Counseling
Step 4.  Provost reviews letter from Dean and packet of materials from Chair/Coordinator.  If approved, Provost signs and dates letter from Dean indicating approval.


Step 5.  Provost's Office sends (via email) the Dean's letter, with Provost's approval signature, to Dean and all cc's on Dean's letter.


Checklist for Submitting Proposals to Change Majors/Minors 

Please attach as first page of the proposal at each stage