Tobiloba Afolayan

Tobiloba Afolayan

University of New Hampshire

Communication and International Affairs


Mentor: Dr. Clifford Brown, UNH Department of Sociology

The Socioeconomic Mobility of Nigerian Immigrants and the Cultural and Communicative Differences that Impede It

All current research studies have primarily focused on the African immigrant demographic as a whole and no substantial studies have been done on Nigerian immigrants. Hence most of the published and available information have been on African immigrants in general. More specific research is critical given that the population of Nigerian immigrants in the United States has been increasing proportionally over the years. Furthermore Nigerian immigrants are immigrating to the United States with a significant amount of human capital that could prove useful in American society. The goal of the research was to examine and evaluate the communicative and cultural differences that impede the socioeconomic attainment of Nigerian immigrants in Manchester, NH. The research consisted of qualitative interviews, designed to identify these differences and what effect, if any, they have on the socioeconomic status of Nigerian immigrants.



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