TeLisa Richardson

TeLisa Richardson

University of Rhode Island

Human Development and Family Studies


Mentor: Rebecca New, Ph.D. - Associate Professor of Education

Demographic, Personal and Situational Factors That Contribute to Academic Motivation

Studies of the motivation in college and university have traditionally, focused on the factors surrounding academic failure. However, their have been few studies that have focused on the factors pertaining to success. Research shows the need to reconsider and redefine our notions of academic motivation.

My study examines the demographic, personal, and situational factors of McNair Fellows. I look primarily at their factors attributed to academic success. Approximately one hundred (100) McNair fellows from sixteen (16) universities completed a questionnaire related to the previously mentioned motivational factors. Subjects were asked to rate these motivational factors and their importance on their decision to attend a college or university.

It is my hope that my investigation of this subject will lead to a better understanding of motivational factors leading to academic success. At the conclusion of my investigation I hope to develop a motivational model for academic success. This model can assist teachers, counselors, and administrators in assisting students who have been routinely labeled "unmotivated". In addition, unmotivated individuals may be further assisted by utilizing similar factors of academically motivated students.

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