Simfora Bangasimbo

University of New Hampshire

Political Science & International Affairs 


Mentor: Dr. Alynna Lyon, Department of Political Science 

The United Nations Implementation Of Resolution 1325 And Its Impact on Female Peacekeepers 

In 2000, the United Nations passed Resolution 1325. The groundbreaking resolution addresses the impact of conflict on women and the role that women play in conflict prevention and peacekeeping. Although it passed 19 years ago, its implementation has been slow and met with problems, but in areas where the resolution has been implemented, we have seen the increase of involvement of women who have had a positive impact in those fields. Peacekeeping is an area where we have seen the impact that the implementation of Resolution 1325 has. Since the resolution’s passage, the number of women peacekeepers has increased, and they have played a much more significant role in post-conflict peacekeeping and conflict de-escalation.

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