Sandy Chu

Sandy Chu

Keene State College



Mentor: Dr. Carolyn Mebert, UNH Department of Psychology

Negative and Positive Effects of Video Games

This correlational study aims to measure negative effects of violent video games, find potential benefits of video games in general and validate that men, regardless of how often they play video games, have better spatial abilities than women. This study will have one hundred participants; half of whom will be female and the remaining half male. Of each gender groups, half of those will be experienced video game players while the other half non-experienced. All groups will complete a survey about their video game experience, take a Mental Rotation Test to access their spatial ability and the Buss-Perry scale to measure their hostility. Males regardless of their video game experience are expected to perform better in spatial ability than females that play video games often and females that don’t play video games as often. Males are also expected to be more negatively effected than females by violent video games.

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