Joseph Cheslock

Joseph Cheslock

University of New Hampshire

Business Administration


Mentor: Dr. Carl Lindblade, UNH Department of Hospitality Management

The Relationship between Missions Organizations and Corporate Donors

The notion of donating to a missions organization is currently an unattractive prospect to most corporations. The relationship between these two types of businesses typically does not yield sufficient benefits for involvement to both parties. The majority of researchers agree that corporate contributions are instrumental in the process of running a successful enterprise. However, the expectable return (quantitative or qualitative) for donating to a missions organization seems to be less in comparison to the return ascertained through donations to other more local, or more reputable causes. This lack of an investment incentive leaves missions organizations with very little corporate support.

I am interviewing with several business leaders as well as missions organization executives in order to determine their perceptions on the benefits experienced from involvement in this type of business relationship. Their suggestions for potential courses of action will lead to a better understanding of how the relationship can be improved for the betterment of both parties. During my mission trip to Haiti, I was able to witness exactly how a missions organization meets the needs of the poor. I interviewed with the President of Partners In Development while in Haiti and learned about their effective strategies of meeting the needs of the people in the communities where PID works.



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