John E. Greene

Middlebury College

African-American History


Mentor: Dr. Arthur L. Hilson - Director, Race, Culture and Power minor

Historical Origins and Evolution of Black Nationalism with a focus on Marcus Delany, Bishop Henry Turner, Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, and Minister Louis Farrakhan

Since the presence of the African slave in the Americas in the early 1600's, Black Nationalist thought has been seen as a crucial means to achieve equality and freedom for Blacks in America. Although there have been many great Black leaders espousing nationalist sentiment, the evolution of nationalist thought has yet to reach an all-encompassing philosophy to successfully unite and uplift Black Americans. This research examines the origin and evolution of Black Nationalist thought, with the end result being what the researcher feels will be a successful Black Nationalist philosophy.

A great deal of primary sources have been used, i.e., in personal writings of the leaders, and platforms of their movements. I've also used literature on each leader and movement. After collecting and analyzing a vast amount of sources, I've found both positive and negative aspects of Nationalism, and have ended up with a hopeful outlook of future Nationalist movements.

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