Claudio Rodrigues

University of Rhode Island

Electrical Engineering


Mentor: Dr. Kondagunta U. Sivaprasad, Professor of Electrical Engineering

MATLAB simulation for detection of signal in a small enclosure corrupted by noise and reverberation

My summer research was inspired by the Consolidated Advanced Technologies (CAT) for Law Enforcement Program code-named Project 54, after the 1960's era television show Car 54, Where are you? Project 54 was developed by the University of New Hampshire's Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, in collaboration with the New Hampshire Department of Safety. The objective of the program is to employ the latest advancement in Computing and Communications Technologies in the development of a highly integrated system of electronic devices and wireless data for Law Enforcement vehicles.

While Project 54 deals with a variety of forms of communicating information, my research concentrates on the speech command recognition mode of user interaction. More specifically, my research focuses on the sound travel from a speaker (i.e. police officer) to the microphone receiver or receivers. I used a software-processing package called MATLAB to generate voice signals combined with unwanted background noise picked up by the receivers, in order to simulate expected signal projection scenarios. The purpose was to simulate the reception of a signal in the car for Project 54 for multiple receivers and find an optimal way to get the signal from the surrounding noise by compensating for the delay due to distance and positioning of the microphone receivers. This will enhance the signal picked up by the receiver, while keeping the noise level minimized.

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