Peter Khong

Peter Kohng

Creighton University



Mentor: Dr. Andrew Christie, UNH Department of Philosophy

Our Lady of Guadalupe and Our Lady of La Vang: A Comparative Study between the Marian Traditions within the Vietnamese and Latino Communities

There is significant diversity of forms and structure in Marian devotion practiced by different groups of the Catholic community. Within these communities, two particular nationalities stand out because of their devotions to Mary: the Vietnamese and Latin Americans. The main focus of this research is to perform a comparative study between Our Lady of Guadalupe and Our Lady of La Vang, both respectively representing the common Latin-Americans and Vietnamese views of Marian devotions. What is hoped to be achieved by this research is that it would help dissolve cultural barriers within different Catholic communities specifically between the Latin American and Vietnamese communities. An on-going problem that is prominent within the Catholic Vietnamese community is the prejudice and discrimination that is held towards the Latino community in New Orleans. The comparative study sets an establishment of commonalities for both these communities and would eventually enable the Catholic Vietnamese and Latinos to better understand each other. It is important that the discrimination and prejudices cease because it would increase unification within the Catholic Church. It would also help the two communities to understand and appreciate the differences within their respective cultures.



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