Amy Ma

Amy Ma

University of New Hampshire

Occupational Therapy


Mentor: Dr. Barbara White, UNH Department of Occupational Therapy

A Comparative Analysis on Occupational Therapy Following Hand Injuries

Providers of hand therapy may include occupational, physical and physiotherapists. Currently, hand therapy primarily uses modalities such as splints, ultrasound and therapeutic exercises. However, developing research states that occupation-based therapy, which uses the client’s valued activities or meaningful occupations as part of the intervention, is more efficient in the clients’ return of function. The purpose of my study is to comparatively analyze whether occupation-based interventions result in higher client satisfaction and performance in their occupations. My study will locate and recruit hand therapists and clients with hand injuries, asking them to complete online surveys regarding the hand treatment given or received over the course of 8 weeks. Therapists will be asked to describe the treatment approach they gave their clients. Clients will be asked to describe their thoughts regarding the rate at which they are able to return to their occupations. The results of this study have the potential to contribute to the evolution of hand therapy into more effective intervention approaches.



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