YIP in 2021-2022

Young Inventors Program

As education models continue to change for the 2021-22 school year, we have re-adapted our well-established Young Inventors’ Program to meet the needs of our program leaders and teachers. The 2021-22 Curriculum includes tools and recommendations to support educators who will teach in-person or virtually. The core elements of our curriculum, including lesson plans, slide decks, and worksheets are streamlined into the outlines below. Of course, you are encourages to adjust these materials to your students’ needs but if you are pressed for time or need to some inspiration, we have everything here for you.

Are You a Student?

Are you an independent student looking to invent? Please go to our Independent Student page for all of the resources that you need to invent with us. You may also sign-up (with parent/guardian’s permission) to receive messages about webinars and resources just for YOU! And you may participate in our Independent Student Invention Fair to present your final project in late winter 2022.

Before You Start: Register

Please let us know that you  are using the Young Inventors’ Program:


Why register? By registering your school/organization we will be able to provide more support and all the materials you need to run YIP. You will receive regular program updates, access to live webinars, and individual support from our team. This helps us report to our donors and sponsors who make it possible to offer YIP to you at no cost.

2021-2022 Curriculum

8 lessons are organized into a framework centered on using the steps of the invention process to be led by the educator in-person or virtually for synchronous or asynchronous learning. The culmination of the invention project takes the form of a presentation at a showcase or invention fair event (in-person or virtually). Resources include:

  • Lesson Plans with recommendations for virtual learning
  • Hands-on and off-screen activities to engage students and apply content in real world contexts
  • Power Point Slides to complement lessons
  • Lesson Scripts to guide teacher directed video presentations
  • Student Worksheets to support lessons
  • Videos that you may use for inspiration or assign to your students to watch
  • YIP Inventors’ Journal- NEW formats available! Printed copies will be provided in YIP Packs, but also available as a Word doc download or PDF file.

More Resources

Here are more teaching tools and resources to assist educators as you lead your YIP programs.

Assessment and Evaluation Rubrics

Sample Emails/Letters

Other Resources

Coming Soon

For schools/programs who register (it’s free!)

  • Resources on how to organize an invention fair
  • Professional development & best practice sharing webinars
  • Best practices for display boards and student presentations