Young Inventors Program

The Young Inventors’ Program® is a K-12 project-based learning curriculum. Through hands-on learning, research, and testing, students explore STEM principles and develop 21st Century skills in decision making, design thinking, and communications.

A program of the University of New Hampshire's Leitzel Center, the Young Inventors’ Program (YIP) captures the spirit of youth innovation first sparked by founder and inventor Dr. Robert Rines. Now nearly 40 years later, we are enriching a third generation of inventors in New Hampshire and most recently Massachusetts and Vermont with plans to grow throughout Northern New England

Centered on Students and Educators

We believe that students can and will challenge themselves given the opportunity to invent a product or process that solves a problem in their everyday lives. The YIP staff help educators, both in and out of school, apply our curriculum and tools to move students through the invention process from developing an idea to prototyping to presenting their designs and research.

With five distinct curricula, the program is flexible for all grade levels and can be started anytime in classrooms, after school programs, homeschools, libraries, and camps. YIP students who do not have access to a program may also invent independently or start their own invention clubs to participate. Individual program sites hosts a local invention fair to qualify students for the Northern New England Regional Invention Convention held each spring. There, we select students to represent our region at the Invention Convention U.S. Nationals and the National Rube Goldberg Machine Contest. 

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Teachers, Leaders & Mentors

The Young Inventors’ Program may be implemented in any setting where learning happens – in schools, out of school, clubs, libraries, community programs, and at home. Bring invention to your students.

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