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Yes, there is plenty to support Young Inventors’ Program educators! The pandemic year of 2020, allowed us to examine our resources and enhance our digital materials, so now there are more ways to lead students, differentiate learning and teach in both traditional and novel ways.  

Find resources to help you implement the YIP curricula, host an Invention Fair, and share best practices. If you register your school/program, you will receive exclusive access to more tools as well as live trainings and webinars.

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Inventors’ Journals

The YIP Inventors’ Journal provides space for students to journal, brainstorm, and record their invention journey. Journals include valuable documents to mark important milestones in the invention process as well as ample space for drawing and note taking. Journals align with the YIP curriculum, but can be used as a general logbook to record any invention process. Journals are tailored for each YIP grade level. Choose the journal that corresponds to the program you are leading. Journals are available in print or digitally where information can be added directly from any device. Both hard copy and digital versions of the journal will be accepted at the regional and national level competitions.

You may choose to run your YIP program without journals; however students competing in the Northern New England Invention Convention and Invention Convention U.S. Nationals are required to present an invention journal or notebook that documents their process.

Inventor Journals may be requested in a YIP Pack Order, or are available with lesson plans and materials.

More Resources

Here are more teaching tools and resources to assist educators as you lead your YIP programs.

YIP Educator Guides

Assessment and Evaluation Rubrics

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Other Resources


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  • Professional development & best practice sharing webinars
  • Best practices for display boards and student presentations

YIP Leader Webinar Series: Teaching the Young Inventors’ Program

In our first YIP Leader Webinar Series, veteran Young Inventors’ Program educators share their best practices for implementing the YIP curriculum and inspiring youth innovators.

A special thanks to Chrissy Rapoza of Crescent Lake Elementary School in Wolfeboro, NH and Laura Vittorioso from Barrington Elementary School in Barrington, NH for sharing their experiences and answering questions.

Among the many tips and practices shared, Laura and Chrissy offered the following advice:
Just like inventing, running a YIP program will not always go according to plan. Be willing and prepared to adapt and to make changes along the way to meet your students where they are. The process is what makes the YIP experience so transformative.
Start small. We all have many grand ideas, but be realistic in what you can do. And use lots of volunteers! Volunteers are critical for the school invention fair.