Military Leave

See USNH Military Leave policy* for information on both Extended Service and Temporary Active Duty.

* Please NOTE:   As of May 11, 2015 the Military Leave Policy has been updated.  Until the USNH OnLine Policy Manual (OLPM) is updated the changes can be viewed in this document.

Temporary Military Leave*

Faculty and exempt staff members on temporary military leave will be paid the difference between their regular salary and military pay if the latter is less than regular pay. Regular military pay does not include any allowances for dependents or reimbursement for expenses. In cases whereby temporary military pay is more than the individual's regular budgeted salary for the same period of time, the faculty/staff member will not receive any USNH salary. Military leave will not count against vacation time. Sick and vacation leave will continue to accumulate during temporary military leave.

Options include:

  • Employee receives full pay for the period of service by remitting to the University the compensation received not including reimbursement for expenses. The employee is to send a check made payable to “UNH” to his/her respective Business Service Center for deposit. Also provide your name, home department, and dates served.
  • Use Vacation/Personal Leave.
  • Use Leave Without Pay.

* Staff members in the Earned Time Program are not eligible for a pay differential and must account for the temporary military active duty time as leave without pay or use accrued Earned Time.

Extended Military Leave Process

  • The employee who is going on military leave meets with their HR Partner/Campus Benefits Administration requesting to be placed on military leave.
  • The Business Service Center processes workflow NZALEAV to notify Banner HR to place the employee on military leave (with or without pay). If the employee elects a leave without pay, the employee has the option to continue their benefits coverage while on military leave. In this instance, he/she will be billed for benefits by the USNH Benefits Office. Another option is to take all payroll deductions of out the employee’s last pay check before his/her military leave begins.
  • When the employee returns from active duty, the Business Service Center processes workflow NZARTNL to notify Banner HR to return the employee from military leave.
  • The Business Service Center works with the employee to determine if the employee is due a pay differential. The Business Service Center may also have discussions with the HR Partner concerning pay differential.
  • The Business Service Center works with USNH Purchasing to establish the employee as a vendor and with A/P to produce a general disbursement payment from the same funding source as their regular budgeted position.

Contact Human Resources: 862-0501 (voice), 862-3227 (TTY) for further information.