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4 of 7 finalists in the Holloway Prize, including 1st & 2nd place winners

4 finalists in SVIC, including two 1st place winners, 3rd place winner



4 of 6 finalists in Holloway Prize, including 2nd & 3rd place winners, and two runner-ups teams (including People's Choice)

national competitions

1st place for national e-Fest competition (a UNH first!)

2 semifinalist teams, Draper Competition for Collegiate Women Entrepreneurs

5 of 9 finalists in SVIC:

  • Best Well-Articulated Problem: Coweed
  • Most Impact Potential & Audience Choice Award Second Place: Enersave
  • Best First-Year Student Entry: Closed Loop




3 of 6 finalists in Holloway Prize, including 1st , 2nd & 3rd place winners

national competitions

Finalists for national e-Fest competition

Track winner, Draper Competition for Collegiate Women Entrepreneurs

5 of 9 finalists in SVIC:

  • Best Well-Articulated Problem: 3Vize
  • Most Original Innovation: Tidan
  • Most Impact Potential and Best First-Year Student Entry: Grey-t Water
  • Audience Choice Award First Place: Apropos Energy


Clean sweep in Holloway Prize, including 1st, 2nd & 3rd place winners, all three runners-up, and People's Choice Award

8 of 9 finalists in SVIC:

  • Most Well-Articulated Problem, Most Financially Sustainable Solution, and 3rd Place Audience Choice: Scrapp
  • Most Original Innovation: Mongo
  • Most Impact Potential and 1st Place Audience Choice: Hydrophos
  • Best Overall First-Year Student Submission: Roots
  • 2nd Place Audience Choice Winner: MyGreenPlate
  • Finalists: Promised Protection, SymbioExchange, MatterVerse, and Eizent Innovations


2 of 6 finalists in Holloway Prize, including 1st & 3rd place winners and People's Choice winner

6 finalists in SVIC, including two 1st place winners, 2nd place & 3rd place winner

national competitions

2nd place ($40,000) winners at national e-Fest competition

Semi-finalists in Draper Competition for Collegiate Women Entrepreneurs


3 of 6 finalists in Holloway Prize, including 1st & 3rd place winners

6 finalists in SVIC, including two 1st place winners, 2nd place & 3rd place winner

national competitions

Two finalists for national e-Fest competition


11 companies launched

by ECenter students since 2015

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William and Joan Grant
Memorial Entrepreneurship Prize

The William and Joan Grant Memorial Entrepreneurship Prize was established by ECenter Executive Director, Ian Grant, in memory of his parents who provided him a lifetime of unwavering support of his entrepreneurial, adventurous, and innovative pursuits and in honor of the ECenter’s 5th birthday in 2021.
The intent of the Prize is to be given to the top two graduating undergraduate or graduate students, selected by a committee, who have exemplified the spirit and actions of “in-the-trenches” innovation and entrepreneurship during their years at UNH. A $500 prize and award trophy will be given to each student.

2022-2023 Recipients

Derek Bobbitt


Derek Bobbitt has graduated with a degree in business administration, with a specialization in finance, at UNH. Throughout his time at the university, Derek's entrepreneurial drive was evident in his various experiences and involvements. He held the esteemed title of President of the UNH Entrepreneurship Club at the ECenter, acted as a Lead Mentor for the Shaw Innovation Program, and is a distinguished alumnus of the Idea & Innovation Society and Shaw Explorers Programs. In addition, Derek served as an Associate at the Rines Angel Investment Fund, an undergraduate-run angel investment fund, and as the Vice President of the UNH Entrepreneurship Club. Through his studies at the Peter T. Paul College of Business & Economics, Derek has gained expertise in data analytics, business development, market research, digital/crypto asset analysis, and public/private equities investments. Derek has received multiple accolades for his entrepreneurial ideas and has founded several successful businesses, each with over 2k users in more than 135+ countries.




Jason planT


Jason has shown his entrepreneurial spirit during his time at UNH in various ways. He served as Head Principal and Liasion at the Rines Angel Fund, Co-Founder & Co-President of Founders Club, Peer Mentor at the B Impact Clinic, Analyst at the Atkins Investment Group, and Lead Changemaker Coach at the Changemaker Fellowship. Furthermore, he has participated in several competitions such as Social Venture Innovation Challenge (SVIC), the Maurice Prize Competition, the Holloway Competition, the Passport Program, the National Draper Competition, the TCU Values and Ventures Competition, the Business Today Impact Challenge, the Carnegie Mellon University Venture Competition and e-Fest, which is the largest undergraduate entrepreneurship competition in the country. 


2021-2022 Recipients


Caleb has continuously demonstrated his passion for entrepreneurship during his time at UNH. He is currently pursuing his companies SideGuide, FlutterBricks, and HallHub, LLC. SideGuide is a coding course platform designed to help new developers learn and apply concepts at lightning speed. HallHub is a "Digital" Residence Hall that elevates campus communities, and FlutterBricks is a UI toolkit and component marketplace. It offers hundreds of pre-built Flutter widgets and screens that save busy developers time and money.
Caleb has been coached by the ECenter on all these ideas.


Nathaniel has demonstrated his in-the-trenches entrepreneurial passion by co-founding and growing SPAITR, LLC. SPAITR is an integrated technology platform company delivering lacrosse quantitative diagnostic information. Nathaniel has invested a significant amount of time growing his company and he’s led the SPAITR team in developing a beta version of their product. He is currently identifying manufacturers for a full launch. Nathaniel has shared his start-up story through our newsletter profiles, in UNH publications, and at many UNH events, and the ECenter is excited to honor his achievements.

2020-2021 Recipients

Ryan Lefebvre

Ryan is the founder and CEO of Logsmarter, a nutrition tracking software that uses machine learning to help people reach their fitness goals. Ryan carefully built a team to push the company forward and has launched a beta version of his product with just under 2,000 users. Ryan is graduating from the UNH College of Engineering and Physical Sciences with a degree in computer science.

"It was a honor to receive an award that is in memory of Ian Grant's parents and it makes me proud to be representing the ECenter as one of the first two recipients," said Ryan.

Marisa Rafal

Marisa is the founder and president of the NH Toy Library Network, a toy lending library for NH children, including those in need of adapted toys. Marisa had the idea for NHTLN as an undergrad at CHHS and has since grown it to a bonafide LLC with two locations - Dover and Boscawen. Marisa is graduating from the Carsey School of Public Policy with her Master's in public policy (MPP).

Said Marisa, "Ian Grant has been such an amazing mentor, so to get an award in his parents’ name is an honor that’s hard to describe. Ultimately, I just want to say thank you so very much for all you’ve done to support my journey as an entrepreneur and helping me grow my company, the New Hampshire Toy Library Network!"