ECenter Ebassadors

four ECenter ambassadors

ECenter Ebassadors

ECenter student ambassadors (Ebassadors) are the face of the ECenter across the UNH campus. The best way for students to learn about the opportunities available at the ECenter is by hearing about them first-hand from their peers. Our Ebassadors attend events and visit classrooms throughout the semester to share their #ECenterImpact stories around campus!

ECenter Ebassador Team

2023 -2024

Request a Classroom Visit

Our ECenter Ebassadors are happy to make short classroom visits to share information about ECenter programs, services, and opportunities with your students. While these visits are typically performed at the start of each semester, we are happy to accomodate through the academic year. To request a visit, please email

Become an Ebassador

Has the ECenter made an impact in your life that you want to share with your peer?
Apply to join our Ebassador student leadership team!

Applications are open now through March 27 at 11:59 AM.

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