ecoText Launches Equity Crowdfunding Effort

joel nkounkou, dylan wheeler, and nelson thomas of ecoText

The ECenter first met ecoText in September 2017 when the idea launched at UNH and the founding team approached Ian Grant to be their advisor. Now, the future awaits.

ecoText fills a real need in the market. Students and their families struggle every semester to cover the high “out of pocket” costs of college textbooks. ecoText’s mission is to reduce these financial obstacles to create opportunity through affordability. ecoText bridges the gaps between colleges, publishers, professors, and students by aggregating titles onto its online platform that is set to become the ultimate collaboration learning tool for students and professors.

It's an exciting time for ecoText, and not just because they came in second at the 2020 Holloway Prize Competition and won the People's Choice Award. The ecoText team, made up of CEO Joel Nkounkou '18, CMO Nelson Thomas '20, CTO Dylan Wheeler '20, CPO Evan Shaw, CIO Hans Massie '19, CFO Sam Werman '18, and Head of Business Development Rachel Yee '20, just launched their first investment round. "Between myself and the ecoText team, the ECenter became a secondary home, filled with long days of learning and inspiring late nights of collaboration.

Today I’m beyond proud of the progress ecoText has made, officially commencing our first investment round and the A1 individuals at the ECenter played a giant role in this current success," said CEO Joel Nkounkou. Over $20,000 has been raised in the investment round so far with a target of $255,000. This round ends on June 26, 2020.

Added CMO Nelson Thomas, "As we have grown, the ECenter has been alongside us guiding us in the right direction. The lessons and experience we garnered from our interactions as well as the events that the ECenter puts on are skills that we will carry throughout our journey with ecoText. Thank you to all that make the ECenter special!'

We're excited to see where this investment round takes ecoText on their journey to disrupt the college textbook market!