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About our student mentors

 The Makerspace mentors are the heart of this student-run space. They donate their time to help the UNH community learn to use the equipment in the Makerspace and turn ideas into physical creations.

Makerspace Mentors 2023-2024

Connor Marvin

Connor Marvin 25 (CEPS)

Hello there! My name is Connor Marvin and I’m majoring in Computer Engineering. I have a lot of experience with 3D printing and manual machines (Drill press, etc.) I love history and looking at how the engineering of devices has changed over the years! My favorite dining hall (and best dining hall) is Philbrook because of the pizza and stir fry! In my spare time I play with my Esports team and I hike. If you have an idea, let’s make it a reality!

Logan LoPresti

Logan LoPresti ’25 (CEPS)

Hello, my name is Logan LoPresti. I am studying electrical engineering. I am an Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America with a love of technology and working with my hands. This Makerspace helps provide the tools for people to make their ideas into reality, and I am a man who can help make that happen.  

Julia Brockman

Julia Brockman ’25 (COLSA)

Hello, my name is Julia Brockman. I am currently a veterinary technology and animal science major. I love all kinds of crafts and I am very passionate about woodworking.I love working with the laser engraver and band saw in the Makerspace.There is truly nothing better than making models come to life on the 3D printer! If you have any projects in mind or just want to come by to get some ideas, feel free to visit the Makerspace and we can make it happen.

DJ Knapp

DJ Knapp ’27 (CEPS)

Hello, my name is DJ Knapp. I am currently in between majors. I have a passion for creating things, and with this passion, I find myself drawn to 3D printing and laser engraving. I love working in both large and small-scale prints, but I have found that I have an affinity for anything you can wear. I have experience working in post-processing FDM prints, and I am working to learn more about resin printing. If you want to learn how to make print lines disappear, I can show you how.

Emma Wilusz

Emma Wilusz ’27 (CEPS)

Hi, my name is Emma Wilusz. I'm a bioengineering major, aiming to find a career in prosthetics in the future. I'm a weaver, a photographer, and a writer in my free time, and I absolutely love anything crafty. Being able to make anything with just the press of a few buttons with the 3D printer is fascinating to me, and I love working with it! But the Makerspace can do so much more than that. Any project you want to do, we'll find a way to make it happen.

Will Sargent

Will Sargent ’25 (CEPS)

Hello, my name is Will Sargent. I am currently pursuing a Mechanical Engineering Major and a Philosophy Minor. Alongside my studies, I have a keen interest in music, travel, meeting new people, and the fascinating world of 3D printing. My affiliation with the Makerpsace team stems from my passion for connecting with individuals and imparting valuable skills to others.

Andrew Gordon

Andrew Gordon ’27 (CEPS)

Hello, my name is Andrew Gordon, and I am a mechanical engineering student. I have a passion for computers and enjoy skiing and gaming during my free time. I joined the Makerspace Mentor team because of my strong love for programming. My goal is to use the time I spend at Makerspace to improve my skills and help others do the same. 


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