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An Innovation Community for First-year Students

What is the Idea & Innovation Society?


The Idea & Innovation Society is an exclusive group of aspiring first year students who are idea creators, innovative thinkers, or entrepreneurs from across UNH.

As a member of the Idea & Innovation Society, you will join a community of students who are passionate about ideas and innovation and ready to make their mark at UNH and beyond. You will benefit from personalized support and mentorship as you build on your own innovative ideas and start your UNH career with a broad network of like-minded innovators from all colleges across campus.

Top Benefits for UNH Students in the Idea & Innovation Society

  •   Network with students who have started a company, non-profit, or were involved in innovation programs in high school
  •   Immediately connect with a broad community of innovative-minded students from around campus
  •   Attend exclusive, high-impact bi-weekly gatherings to improve your skills and grow your ideas

Society Member Benefits 


  • Exclusive Idea & Innovation Society Fund
    Offering access to $250 of seed funding to help you take your idea to the next level.
  •  Semi-monthly Society meetings with the team 
    Share and discuss, get feedback on ideas, and find the best resources for your requirements
  •  1:1 coaching for your current or new idea or innovation
  •  Introduction to a mentor from the ECenter Mentor Network that best matches your venture
    Most mentors are UNH alumni
  •  Exclusive Idea & Innovation Society hoodie sweatshirt
  •  Exclusive Idea & Innovation Society kick-off welcome party at the ECenter
  •  Private small group interactions with ECenter keynote speakers, as possible
  • Ticket and transportation to the annual BU IDEA Conference
  •  Additional 1:1 coaching for UNH prize competitions
    Including the Social Venture Innovation Challenge (Fall) and Holloway Prize Competition (Spring). 1:1 and group preparation and coaching offered.
  • Opportunity to apply to the NSF I-Corps program that includes $3,000 funding for customer discovery
  •  Opportunity to apply for Social Innovation Internships and Semester in the City through the Center for Social Innovation and Enterprise


About the Idea & Innovation Society

The Idea & Innovation Society was created to provide students with the opportunity to be at the forefront of the idea and innovation community on campus, while gaining unique benefits through UNH's nationally-recognized Entrepreneurship Center (ECenter). It embraces first-year students from all colleges, majors, and backgrounds and provides a network of like-minded individuals with whom to connect, collaborate, share ideas and resources, and help you run faster with your ideas and innovations.

We are looking for idea creators and innovative thinkers from any and all majors at UNH: music or dance, engineering or business, chemistry or history, equine sciences or Spanish, biology or communication science disorders… good ideas come from all places!

The Society has a permanent home at UNH’s Entrepreneurship Center (ECenter) on campus. The ECenter is not part of any one college to intentionally provide opportunities for all students on campus to interact and work together.  

Note: The Society is an invitation-only community. It is NOT a scholarship program.

Questions? Email us at

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The Idea & Innovation Society


About the UNH ECenter


UNH would like to thank Arizona State University’s Entrepreneurship + Innovation Team for concept support in the creation of UNH’s Idea & Innovation Society.


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