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The Makerspace mentors are the heart of this student-run space. They donate their time to help the UNH community learn to use the equipment in the Makerspace and turn ideas into physical creations.



Makerspace Executive Board

Nathan Daigle '21 (CEPS)

Chair of the Board

I am a senior in Mechanical Engineering, also pursuing a minor in Electrical Engineering. I've been a Makerspace mentor since the fall of 2017. Being Chair of the Board for the Makerspace, I've come to know every piece of equipment like the back of hand. I love to customize things or recreate my own versions, and the Makerspace is the best place for it. Come for a visit and learn about what you can do here.

Peyton Oakes '21 (PAUL)

I’m a senior Business Adminisitration major with a minor in Accounting. Although, I’m also on an external path which may result in a future dual-major w/ Mechanical Engineering. I’m extremely passionate about ultra-precision machine tool design, aviation, additive-mfg, and business ventures. Professionally, I’m an independent consultant in the fields of product, machine-tool, and automation-systems design/integration. Feel free to reach out, I look forward to meeting you. Cheers!

Cornelis Plomp '22 (CEPS)

Board Member

I am a Mechanical Engineering major with more interest in taking things apart than putting them back together. I speak two languages and love using the 3D printers and CNC mill here. I am newer to this field than most of my colleagues, but I don’t mind working extra to make sure something comes out right. Anytime I'm at the Makerspace, I'll be happy to help with any projects you have, so feel free to drop by!

Alice Wade '23 (CEPS)

Board Member

Hello, I'm a sophomore Mechanical Engineering major and I joined the Makerspace the first semester of my freshman year. I absolutely love rocketry and robotics and my favorite machine would be the CNC mill. I'm really looking forward to meeting new people and showing them how to use all of the machines, so come over and I'll help you make something and hopefully learn a lot too!

Heather MacNeill '07, '20G

Staff Advisor

As staff advisor to the Makerspace, Heather supports the student-run board and oversees day-to-day operations. As the ECenter's Senior Program Manager, she leads the planning and delivery of many of our signature programs (check them out on our homepage!) as well as managing student, faculty, and community outreach.  She's a UNH alumna with a  B.A. in English in 2007 (COLA) and a Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree in 2020 (Carsey School of Public Policy). Her favorite thing to use in the Makerspace is the Laser cutter/engraver!




Makerspace Mentors

Will Bauer '22(COLSA)

Didn't expect to see a Biology major here, did you? My name is Will, a junior in COLSA. I am most at home when I can work on a long project or a repair. I am an insane history buff as well, and find older technology amazing. Usually I work with the 3D printers, but I am prepared to help with anything that is needed!

Matt Bowring '21(CEPS)

Hello, I am a senior in Mechanical Engineering! I like the Makerspace because it’s a great place for student collaboration and creativity. My favorite tool has always been the Laser cutter. Last semester I used it to make a drone frame. Come on down to the Makerspace and let’s make something great!

Tommy Cranmer '21 (CEPS)

I am a senior mechanical engineering student at UNH working at the Interoperability Lab. I like to play piano and soccer, and I want to be a design engineer in the tech industry when I graduate.

Samuel Kierstead '21 (CEPS)

I am a senior mechanical engineering major and I have always loved taking things apart and putting them back together. In my free time I enjoy playing with motorcycles, boats, and doing anything outdoors. Whatever your interests may be, the Makerspace is a great place to make cool stuff to complement your hobbies.

Steven Schnobrich '21 (PAUL & CEPS)

My name is Steven Schnobrich and I am a senior studying Finance (Paul College) and Computer Science (CEPS). My favorite equipment to use in the Makerspace is the Laser cutter/engraver, so come on down to the Makerspace and let’s make something cool!

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