Meet the Mentors

As a student-run space, the Mentors are the heart of the Makerspace. They donate their time to help the UNH community learn how to use equipment/machines to turn their ideas into physical creations. Thank you, Mentors!

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Nick Andrade
My name is Nick Andrade and I am a senior in Mechanical Engineering and the captain of the FSAE team. My professional experience is in composites, manufacturing, and machine design. My primary hobby is motorsport, so you can usually find me at the racetrack or in the garage.
Will Bauer
Didn't expect to see a Biology major in here, did you? My name is Will, a freshman in COLSA. I am most at home when I can work on a long project or a repair. I am an insane history buff as well, and find older technology amazing. Usually I work with the 3D printers, but I am prepared to help with anything that is needed!

Nathan Daigle
Operations Board

I am an avid hiker and rock climber. 

I am also a sophomore Mechanical Engineering student, and a die-hard DIYer with just about everything. I bring lots of design and production experience from FIRST robotics, as well as my own projects. 

Kimia Fereydooni

Hi! My name is Kimia Fereydooni and I am a senior Mechanical Engineering major. If you need help in designing and making stuff, I’m your (wo)man! You can find me in the Makerspace or Kingsbury S172 working on my senior design project!

Nadia Fereydooni

My name is Nadia Fereydooni and I am a senior Computer Engineering student. You can find me either in the Human-Computer Interaction Lab or here at the Makerspace, giving life to ideas. Come on down to explore the opportunities to ideate, experiment and build. I would be happy to help you in the process!

Rob Lee

Hi! My name is Rob Lee and I am a sophomore computer science major at UNH. I'm happy to help others in the UNH community, at all skill levels,  take advantage of the Makerspace!

Christian Merheb
Communications Board

Hello! My name is Christian, and I am a senior Political Science major. Two of my biggest passions are business and entrepreneurship, and the Makerspace has helped me bring my ideas to fruition. I love helping people explore their imagination and make their ideas a reality. When I am not at the Makerspace or in class, I spend much of my time advocating for students in the Student Senate. I was recently elected Student Trustee to the USNH Board of Trustees where I hope to advocate for the resources that students need to succeed.

Michelle Paradise
Communications Board

Hello all! My name is Michelle Paradise and I am currently a junior Mechanical Engineer here at UNH. Some basic fun facts about me are;  I am a crazy chicken lady, love the outdoors, always down to help people out, and most of all my brain never stops moving. Come on down and check out a project I'm working on. Even better, let me help you make something! awesome!

Brandon Smith
Chair of the Board

Greetings! I am the Chair of the Board and one of founders of the Makerspace here at the ECenter. I’m currently a Grad Student in Computer Science and have a passion for entrepreneurship and innovation. My goal with the Makerspace has been to cultivate a community centered around learning and the democratization of engineering, design, fabrication, and technology. It is my objective to give those willing to learn the opportunity and tools to do so. Don’t be afraid to stop by and learn something new!

Scott Sullivan
Communications Board

Thanks for checking us out! My name is Scott and I am a junior Chemical Engineering major at UNH! My favorite things to use at the Makerspace are the laser cutter and the vinyl cutter. If you need any assistance, I'd be more than happy to help! 

Ethan Towsley
Operations Board

Hey, how's it going? My name's Ethan and I'm a sophomore in Mechanical Engineering. I work quite a bit behind the scenes to keep the space running, but the true reward is seeing people's projects come to life. I love to design, build, create, and most of all experiment. I spend my time either outdoors, with friends, or in the Makerspace. Feel free to see me about the CNC as well, as I am one of the CNC mentors. In addition you may see me in X-Sen as an RA on floor 4A. Come on down to the space and make something!

Reilly Webb

My name is Reilly and I am a senior undergrad studying Mechanical Engineering. I first heard about the Makerspace in the fall 2016, and I have had blast helping people out with all sorts of projects ever since. When I am not at the Makerspace I enjoy building high-powered rockets, programming 5-axis milling operations for my job at Turbocam Int., working as a dorm RA in Hubbard Hall, and playing bass guitar in my band.