Meet the Mentors

As a student-run space, the Mentors are the heart of the Makerspace. They donate their time to help the UNH community learn how to use equipment/machines to turn their ideas into physical creations. Thank you, Mentors!


Christin Badylak-Reals

Welcome to the Makerspace! When I'm not in Kingsbury or the ECenter you can find me as an instructor at the Hamel Rec Center cycling studio. Someday, I'd like to live in a net-zero tiny house that I tow around the country with a Tesla. Are you an agent of change? Talk to me about the University Innovation Fellows program. Mechanical Engineering '19

Reed Bell

Hello! My name is Reed, and I'm a senior Mechanical Engineer. I love helping people take their projects from an idea, to a reality. The Makerspace is a really awesome spot to work on ideas, and escape the monotony of your everyday think space. Come by and check us out! 

Nathan Daigle

I am an avid hiker and rock climber. 

I am also a freshman Mechanical Engineering student, and a die-hard DIYer with just about everything. I bring lots of design and production experience from FIRST robotics, as well as my own projects. 

Kris Fargo


Nadia Fereydooni


Michelle Paradise


Timothy Russell


Brandon Smith

Greetings! I am one of the operations managers and founders of the Makerspace here at the ECenter. I’m currently a Senior in Computer Science and have a passion for entrepreneurship and innovation. My goal with the Makerspace has been to cultivate a community centered around learning and the democratization of engineering, design, fabrication, and technology. It is my objective to give those willing to learn the opportunity and tools to do so. Don’t be afraid to stop by and learn something new!

Ethan Towsley


Reilly Webb

My name is Reilly and I am a senior undergrad studying Mechanical Engineering. I first heard about the Makerspace in the fall 2016, and I have had blast helping people out with all sorts of projects ever since. When I am not at the Makerspace I enjoy building high-powered rockets, programming 5-axis milling operations for my job at Turbocam Int., working as a dorm RA in Hubbard Hall, and playing bass guitar in my band.