ECenter Mentor Network

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Become a part of the ECenter mentor network

The mission of the ECenter Mentor Network is to connect students, faculty/staff, and alumni who are looking for perspective and assistance with their ideas from those who have already been down the same path. Our mentors are alumni and community members with a passion for entrepreneurship and helping innovators grow their ideas.

Top Reasons to Engage with the ECenter Mentor Network

  • Benefit from specific expertise related to your idea
  • Learn from mentors with entrepreneurial experience
  • Take advantage of industry networking

What Our Mentors & Mentees Say

"I’m grateful to have the opportunity to advise Nathaniel and the SPAITR team on their startup journey, it’s been a truly rewarding experience. Nathaniel is extremely dedicated to the company and ensuring its success, and he’s doing all of the right things to progress forward every day. I’m proud of how far the company has already come, and I’m excited for the journey still ahead. I have no doubt they will be very successful."


"Making the connection with Mike has played an integral role to SPAITR’s development. The connection began as just someone to help us find a consultant to design our prototype, but it turned into a relationship where Mike has helped the company in a plethora of different ways! From helping us find a consultant, to helping us with our entire raise process, to joining me on meetings with potential partners, Mike’s guidance and dedication has helped the company grow exponentially since our meeting and he will continue to play a foundational role in our growth in the future!"


Examples of Mentor Expertise Areas

  • Technology and Software
  •  Conservation
  •  Renewables and Environment
  •  Craftsmanship
  •  Accounting and Law
  •  Application Development
  •  Marketing/Digital Marketing
  •  Sales
  •  Fundraising
  •  Product Development
  •  Agriculture
  •  Consumer Products
  •  Cosmetics
  •  Food, Beverage & Tobacco

 Examples of Mentees Seeking Expertise

Electrical engineer to help create a 1000 lum LED light

i-corps Mentors

The ECenter is also seeking mentors related to an I-Corps grant through the National Science Foundation.

Review this flyer for more details.