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Request a Religious Accommodation

The University of New Hampshire will make good faith efforts to provide reasonable religious accommodations to faculty, staff and students whose sincerely held religious beliefs conflict with a university policy, procedure, or other academic requirement unless such an accommodation would create an undue hardship. 

Please note: To receive a religious accommodation, the religious observance must be one required by one's religious tradition. 

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Religion or Creed

Includes traditional, organized religions but also sincerely held religious beliefs, including those that are new, uncommon, not part of a formal church or sect. All aspects of religious belief and observance that are sincerely held will be considered as part of this policy.

Religious Accommodation

A reasonable change in the work or academic environment that enables a student or employee to practice or otherwise observe a sincerely held religious practice or belief without undue hardship or fundamentally altering the educational, workplace or mission of the university.

A reasonable religious accommodation may include but is not limited to:

  • time for prayer during a work day
  • the ability to attend religious events or observe a religious holiday
  • or any necessary modification to university policy, procedure or other requirement for a student’s or employee’s (or prospective employee’s) religious beliefs, observance or practice, provided such accommodation is reasonable and does not cause undue hardship or create a fundamental alteration of the educational, workplace or mission of the university.

Undue Hardship

Significant difficulty or expense based on the university’s resources and circumstances in relationship to the cost or difficulty of providing a specific accommodation. Undue hardship may refer to financial difficulty in providing an accommodation or accommodations that are unduly expensive, substantial, disruptive, or that would fundamentally alter academic requirements, the nature or operation of the university’s business, or the essential functions of a job.

Accommodations which interfere with the safe and efficient operation of the workplace or campus or with a bona fide seniority system will often present an undue hardship.

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