Surveys are used for a wide variety of reasons. Unfortunately, when surveys are inaccessible, not all participants will be equally able to complete the survey. Accessible surveys allow a wider range of individuals to complete the survey allowing for multiple means of participation. However, some survey tools require additional work to ensure they are accessible.  

Opportunities and Challenges 

Accessibility opportunities  

  • Accessible surveys allow for a wider range of participation.  
  • Most survey tools have built-in accessibility features (not all are equally accessible).  

Accessibility challenges 

  • Some question types can be inaccessible.  
  • Complicated data and results can be challenging to represent in accessible formats.  

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Survey Suggestions

  • Implement the accessibility essentials  
    • Accessible headings – Use styles and headings that are built into the survey tool.  
    • Alternative text – ensure all images used within the survey have alt-text. If the question option does not allow the addition of alt-text to an image, then the survey question will not be accessible.  
    • Color contrast – High contrast should be included within all questions and question guidance.  
    • Descriptive links – If links are used, ensure links are descriptive and open in a new window.  
    • Accessible tables and charts 
    • Captions and transcripts – If videos or audio are used, include options for captions and transcripts. If the video player does not include a closed captions option, then include open captions.  
    • Clear language.
  • Provide information about how to engage with the survey including anticipated time to completion.  
  • Avoid question types that necessitate physical motion (e.g., slider questions, drag and drop questions, highlighting answers, etc.).  
  • Avoid questions that require a timed response.  
  • Rather than including complex tables, considering asking separate questions.  
  • Consider sections and page breaks for longer surveys.  
  • Include a progress indicator for longer surveys.  
  • Allow users to save progress and return.  
  • Always check survey accessibility prior to distribution.