Learning Pathway Microcredentials

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The roadmap to academic achievement isn't the same for every learner.  That's why the University of New Hampshire has created flexible learning pathway microcredentials that allow continuing education students to participate in credit-bearing courses as nondegree learners as they begin (or continue) their journey towards a formal degree or certificate.

Learning pathway microcredentials give workforce professionals highly specialized skills to boost career advancement and help stand out in the job market in less time than a full degree program.  Most learning pathway microcredentials are comprised of two or three credit-bearing courses that can be completed in as little as one academic semester.

After completion of a learning pathway microcredential, learners interested in continuing their academic journey at UNH can apply to be accepted as a matriculated student in a formal degree or certificate program, and are often able to transfer their credits earned in a microcredential program into their subsequent matriculated program.

Start your learning pathway today at the University of New Hampshire!

Current Learning Pathways

Learning pathways with unh college of professional studies (cps)
Learning Pathways with UNH Institiute for the study of earth, Oceans, and space
Learning Pathways with UNH College of Health and Human Services (CHHS)

How It Works

Learning pathway microcredentials are short-term credit-bearing programs offered by various colleges and departments at the University of New Hampshire.  Each microcredential has its own requirements for completion, but in general, programs are comprised of two or three courses that need to be complete within a period of 2 years or less. 

Upon completion of the required coursework, learners will receive their learning pathway microcredential, issued by Credly, that is shareable via social media, digital resumes, online portfolios, and email signatures.

What To Expect

Learning pathway microcredential programs consist of traditional undergraduate and graduate-level courses at the University of New Hampshire.  Courses meet for regular sessions during a traditional semester schedule and may take place online and/or in-person depending upon the semester.  Check each of the microcredential programs and their individual courses for specific program semesters, dates, and times.

Learners in the courses will be a mix of matriculated UNH degree students and nonmatriculated continuing education students.  All learners are expected to participate and engage as defined by the expectations of the individual course instructor, syllabus, and curriculum to successfully complete each individual course.

How to Enroll

There is no formal application process to pursue a UNH learning pathway microcredential.  Learners simply enroll directly in the required courses associated with the microcredential through the UNH Nondegree Enrollment Hub during the set continuing education enrollment windows.  (View the UNH Course Registration Calendar.)

Start Your Learning Pathway Today

Learning pathway microcredentials are specifically designed to be "stackable" to formal undergraduate degrees, master's degrees, and graduate certificates at the University of New Hampshire.  Once a microcredential has been completed, learners can generally apply their earned credit toward continued learning in a matriculated degree or certificate program.

If you decide to continue your education in a specific topic beyond that of a microcredential, you will need to formally apply and meet the program's admissions criteria.  It is always recommended that perspective learners connect directly with the appropriate UNH contact listed on individual learning pathway pages to discuss their participation within a specific area of study.

For More Information Contact

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