A UNH Microcredential provides verifiable proof of skill attainment or competency.

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UNH Microcredentials are

  • Competency-based
  • Approved through faculty/staff governance
  • Meaningful and of high quality

Why are Microcredentials Important?


  • High value on clear pathways between education and career
  • Serve as Door Openers and Career Accelerators
  • Cost-efficient and timely attainment of work ready skills
  • Flexible time-span facilitates quicker entry into the job market


  • Next generation tools and practices to validate skills and competencies
  • Collaborative partnerships to support skills-based hiring practices
  • Add value to attract and retain top talent
  • Cost savings to “up skill” instead of find new talent
  • Respond quickly to economic shifts

 Policy Makers

  • Meet NH’s, local, and regional, workforce development needs
  • Support Work, Stay Play and Next Generation Workforce Initiative
  • Address economic development priorities for key industries
  • Respond rapidly to shifting economic demands
  • Develop educated workforce and citizenry equipped 21st century skills


  • Collaborative partnerships to support skills-based hiring practices
  • Adapt to shifts in economy and provides work ready employees
  • We know how to teach!
  • UNH brand bestows: trustworthiness, recognized experts in their fields, abundant learning resources
  • Vetted learning programs and outcomes

Digital Badges Defined

A UNH digital badge is an electronic representation of a skill, achievement, or experience.  

  • It contains detailed information about the skill or experience that enables viewers to ascertain what activities and/or assessments the learner completed. 
  • Skills and/or competencies are defined and evaluated by the digital badge issuer.  
  • Badges represent the successful completion of a variety of learning experiences in credit and non-credit coursework.  
  • Sharing badges is learner controlled and open across technology platforms including social media, blogs, online portfolios and others.