Resource Year Topic Type
School Based Prevention Programs: Lessons for Child Victimization Prevention
Finkelhor, D. and Luna, R., Center for Research on Crimes against Children, University of New Hampshire.
1998 Prevention Paper
Hate Crimes Against Juveniles Reported to Police
Juveniles are more likely than adults to experience a hate crime. According to police reports for 1997-1999, juveniles made up nearly a quarter (23…
1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 General Child Victimization Fact Sheet
A Comparison of the Responses of Preadolescents and Adolescents in a National Victimization Survey
David Finkelhor. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 13, (3): 362-382. Order (CV9)
1998 JVQ Paper
Effects of Partner Violence on Children
Janis Wolak and David Finkelhor. In J.L. Jasinski, & L.M. Williams (Eds.), Partner violence: A comprehensive review of 20 years of research.…
1998 Exposure to Domestic Violence, Impacts of Child Victimization Paper