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Spring 2022- Programs and Events


UNH Campus Pride Month 2022 | Facebook


Trans UNH open meeting 

4/1 | 5pm-6pm | Location: MUB 338

Join the student organization Trans UNH for this open-to-all meeting. The time will be used to tell you about our organization, as well as to make pride flag collages out of magazine clippings! Magazines, scissors, glue, and all other necessary supplies will be provided.


Gaypril Bingo

4/2 | 6:30pm-8:30 | Location: MUB GSR

Campus Activities Board is happy to celebrate and help kick off Gaypril with our very own Gaypril Bingo! Please join us in the Granite State Room on Saturday, April 2nd at 6:30pm for the chance to win some lovely prizes, groove to some of the queer classic playlists, and have a blast with some friends and us! P.S. be sure to catch up on your queer history/knowledge to be ready for any tie face-offs!


Feminist Leadership Summit

4/3 |10am-3pm | Location: Squamscott Room, MUB

Our all-day summit will feature a workshop hosted by disability rights advocate Jules Good, an opening speech by activist and author Crystal Paradis, and a panel discussion where student and local leaders like Josie Pinto reproductive rights activist We will have ASL interpreters at the event. RSVP required!


TBC & SHARPP Feature Film Series: Changing the Game

4/5 | 7pm-9:30pm | Location: Mcconnell 240

Join us for the screening of Changing the Game, a Hulu documentary that focuses on the lives of three high school athletes at different stages of their athletic seasons, personal lives, and their unique paths as transgender teens.


Finding LGBTQ+ Materials at the UNH Library and Beyond

4/7 | 1pm-2pm  Location: Hybrid and

The language used to describe LGBTQ+ people and their culture is ever-changing and often different depending on context. This can make it difficult to know how to search for materials in libraries and online. In this program, librarian Jay Colbert will demonstrate search strategies for finding LGBTQ+ materials at the UNH Library and beyond.


Pride Month Zumba

4/7 | 8:30pm | Location: Hamel Recreation Center

Zumba is a Latin and World dance inspired fitness class. By mixing low and high intensity movements, Zumba creates an energetic and fun environment for all fitness levels. Providing an opportunity for physical movement, fun, and free expression in celebration of Campus Pride Month


Healthy Relationships & Centering Queer Identity

4/8 | 12pm—1:30pm | Location: Ham Smith G34

The lessons we learn about relationships are typically billed as universal, but more often than not they come from a cisnormative and heteronormative perspective. In this program, we’ll explore relationship dynamics from a queer POV, covering what “the research” tells us (which may surprise you!) and examining how our own experiences and wisdom compare. Disclaimer: relationships of all kinds can be queer – sexual or romantic relationship experience not required! (Students, staff, and faculty welcome to attend)


Drag Bingo- UNHM

4/8 | 4pm | Location UNH Manchester MPR (201)

Help us raise money for the local LGBTQ youth group, Outright Manchester! Purchase $5 Bingo Cards or enter a raffle win some great prizes!


Hook-up Culture in the LGBTQIA+ Community

4/12 | 7pm-8pm | Zoom Link:

Open discussion about college hook-up culture in the LGBTQIA+ community. Facilitated by Olivia Harrison ’22, sexual well-being intern at Health & Wellness.


Trans Men Speak

4/13 | 9:10am | Zoom Link:

A group of panelists discussing their experience around  masculinities and gender identities. 


Sidore Lecture: LGBTQIA+ The Social Injustice of Being Forced Back In the Closet

4/13 | 3:30pm-5pm | Virtual registration required:

The panel will highlight the barriers LGBTQIA+ older people experience in receiving formal health care and social supports as well as discuss what it means to provide culturally competent services for LGBTQIA+ older adults.


Identity Collages 

4/13 | 5pm-7pm | Location: MUB 338/340

Stop in and make a collage to visually portray your own sexual, romantic, and/or gender identity, sponsored by the student organization Trans UNH. Magazines, scissors, glue, and all other necessary supplies will be provided- all are welcome!


Breaking of the Silence Open Mic Night

4/15 |7pm-9pm | Location: MUB Entertainment Center (Room G18)

The Day of Silence means something different to everyone that participates. For many, the Day of Silence exists to draw attention to the silencing of queer and trans identities and experiences. Others may choose to be silent in solidarity with those who are unable to live as their true selves. It also commemorates the lives lost to violence and suicide within the LGBTQIAP+ community and all its intersections. Join Alliance in breaking the silence and speaking to your true and authentic self at our annual Breaking of the Silence Open Mic. Everyone is invited to share a work of their own or of someone else. This could be poetry, songs, thoughts and/or stories. There will be light refreshments and masks will be required unless you are actively eating/drinking. A sign-up sheet to come on stage will be at the door.


The Prom

4/16 | 7pm-10pm | Location: MUB Granite State Room

Join Alliance for The Prom you never got! Whether you couldn’t wear what you wanted, weren’t allowed to bring your preferred date, skipped out, had your prom cancelled, etc… or just want to go to another prom, everyone is welcome! This is a chance to redo the prom you may not have enjoyed the first time.

The dress code is semi-formal/business casual but please where whatever you feel most comfortable in. Masks will be required unless you are actively eating/drinking. Snacks and other refreshments will be provided, but we highly recommend eating a meal before coming to the dance. We will also be crowning prom royalty!

To attend this event, please reserve tickets through the MUB ticket website. Link to be provided soon on our social media and Wildcat Link.


Queering Food Systems for Justice and Sustainability

4/19 11:10am-12:30pm | Virtual Zoom Link: 967 7392 8574

So pervasive they are often invisible, gender and sexual norms organize food production on the “family farm” and food consumption in the household. LGBTQ+ people – especially those who are also BIPOC – experience food insecurity at disproportionately high rates, and LGBTQ+ farmers face systemic discrimination in establishing economically viable farms. At the same time, they have developed creative resiliency strategies, and a queer perspective on food insecurity and farm viability reveals how all eaters and farmers – not just LGBTQ+ people – are affected by gender and sexual norms in the food system. In this presentation, sociologist and farmer Ike Leslie shares their research on how a queer lens on food systems offers pathways toward justice and sustainability not just for LGBTQ+ people, but for everyone who produces or consumes food.


Doing Local Queer History - Triumphs and Challenges

4/19 | 10:10am-11am | Murkland 202

Tom Kaufhold from the NH Seacoast LGBT History Project will share about their work as a guest speaker.


Pride and Pancakes

4/20 | 8am-9:15am | Hybrid-  Granite State Room

Celebrating 20+ years of coming together and celebrating the accomplishments of the LGBTQIA+ community through Kidder Awards. 


Design Your Own Identity Unicorn w/PACS

4/20 | 1pm-2:30pm | Location: Beauregard Center MUB 120

Celebrate your own unique identity by designing, coloring, and creating your own identity unicorn.


Kidder Panel Discussion: Coming Out in the Workplace *Co-Sponsored by PAUL College​​

4/21 | 12:45pm-2pm | Virtual Registration Link:

Panelists will speak on a variety of topics and will offer participants a chance to better understand inclusivity for LGBTQIA+ communities in the workplace. There will be a chance to pose your questions and hear from local experts on this virtual conversation. Event co-sponsored by Paul College and Bill Kidder Fund.


Out & Equal - LGBTQIA Inclusion and Advocacy

4/26 | 12pm | Virtual Link:

Anyone, regardless of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity, can support lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people. Deepening your understanding of LGBT-related issues, including basic terms and concepts, can help you support LGBT- identified people.


Cookie Decorating

4/26  | 12:30-2pm | Location: Mills Quad

Join Trans UNH outside in the nice weather to decorate cookies- a sweet way to celebrate campus pride month! Sugar cookies will be provided along with frosting, decorations, and utensils for decorating. 


Open Meeting: UNH Graduate Student Non-Binary/Gender Fabulous Support group

4/28 |4pm-5pm | Location: Beauregard Center MUB 120

Open Meeting: Allies of all genders are welcome at this open meeting. Come play board games and build community. Note: Postdocs, non-traditional undergrads, and staff are always welcome to all meetings.


Aces Are Us: Asexual Spectrum Identities, Acephobia and Compulsory Sexuality in a Sex-Saturated Society

4/28 | 12:40pm-2pm | Virtual Zoom Link:

In this interactive workshop, we will discuss the diverse identities under the umbrellas of asexuality and aromanticism. We will also explore the systemic discrimination against asexual people and the concept of compulsory sexuality. We will interrogate the misuse of sexuality in the media and the ways in which asexuals are marginalized while allosexuals are normalized. We will cover the concepts of sex-positivity, sex-negativity and sex-neutrality and end with a discussion of how to make the world a more welcoming place for all people under the ace and aro spectrums.


Closed Meeting: UNH Graduate Student Non-Binary/Gender Fabulous Support group

4/29 | 12pm-1pm | Virtual Zoom Link:

This meeting is for those who identify outside of, or are questioning, the gender binary to process experiences, share resources, and offer support. Contact:


Get Yourself Tested! (GYT) Month

Free $5 gift card for getting tested/screened for STIs/HIV during April.

April is dedicated to spreading the word that preventing STIs and HIV is easy and convenient at UNH! All month, students will get a $5 gift card to a Durham coffee shop for getting tested or screened for STIs/HIV, including at our Chlamydia and Gonorrhea Testing Clinic on April 13.

NOTE: Testing is not free and will be billed to your health insurance provider, or you may pay out-of-pocket. Gift card promotion only available to current UNH students who have paid the health fee. Promotion ends April 30th.



Fall 2021- Programs and Events


Gender Identity Awareness Week 2021

Film Screening: Paris is Burning and Trans UNH Mixer

Monday Nov. 15 | 6pm | MUB

Join Trans UNH for a mixer and to watch Paris is Burning. Paris is Burning is a documentary that chronicles New York's drag scene in the 1980s, focusing on balls, voguing and the ambitions and dreams of those who gave the era its warmth and vitality.

What is Feminist Leadership?

Tuesday Nov. 16 | 2:10pm-3:30pm | Zoom

In this discussion, we'll focus on four feminist values: Solidarity (lifting each other up), Resilience (practicing self-care and community care), Sustainability (sustainable work models) and Systemic Justice (actively working to end oppression and bring about liberation for all genders). We'll talk about how folks in leadership roles (regardless of gender) can model these values, and how practicing these values *is* leadership.

Identity Collages with Alliance and Trans UNH

Tuesday Nov. 16 | 7pm-9:30pm | Beauregard Center MUB 120

Join Alliance and Trans UNH in crafting picture collages that represent your identity/sense of self in honor of Gender Identity Awareness Week!

HeARTs & Crafts

Wednesday Nov. 17 | 3:30pm-5pm | Beauregard Center MUB 120

A 90 minute event focusing on combining creative expression and mental health. We will discuss the spectrum of gender identity and engage in a variety of creative activities.

The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson (2017) Film Screening and Discussion

Wednesday Nov. 17 | 6pm-8:30pm | MUB 338

Join Alliance for an in-person film screening! We'll be showing the film The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson (2017), which details the life and death of Marsha P. Johnson, a trans woman of color known for her LGBTQ+ activism and involvement in the Stonewall Riots. Refreshments will be provided. 

Real Talk | Present Yourself: A Discussion on the Nuances of Gender Expression

Thursday Nov. 18 | 1-2pm | Beauregard Center MUB 120

Join us for a conversation about the various ways we express our gender. From fashion to hair style, we will explore how we express our true authentic selves.

Graduate Student Gender Non-Binary Support Group

Thursday Nov. 18 | 4:30pm-5:30pm | Beauregard Center MUB 120

The first meeting of the Graduate Student Gender Non-Binary Support Group will be Thursday 18 November 2021 @ 4:30-5:30 PM at the Beauregard Center (MUB 120). Postdoctoral researchers, non-traditional undergraduate students, and staff are always welcome to attend. This will be an informal, unstructured meeting, giving you an opportunity to connect with other community members and to relax at the end of the day with games like Jenga and jigsaw puzzles. This first meeting is also open to allies of all genders. We also invite those who are interested in a more formal, affinity-based meeting to come to provide suggestions. You may also email the group at

Safe Zones and TUNH Present Gender Identity 101 and Student Panel

Thursday Nov. 18 | 6pm | MUB 330/332

Join Trans UNH and the Safe Zones program for a student panel of experiences specific to gender, identity, and expression.  This training is open to anyone.

Transgender Day of Remembrance

Saturday Nov. 20 | 8pm | Waysmeet Center

Join Trans UNH and community in remembering those who lost their lives this past year.  Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR) is internationally recognized on November 20th every year. This day was set aside to memorialize those who were killed due to anti-transgender hatred or prejudice.

UNH Library Research Guide on Gender Identity

Check out this research guide for Gender Identity Awareness Resources brought to you by UNH Dimond Library Diversity and Inclusion Committee




Portsmouth Pride 2021

Oct. 9th | 12pm

Join us for Portsmouth Pride! You can march with UNH or just watch the parade and join for the speakers, vendors, and youth talent showcase! For more information contact:


Warm Cookies and Coming Out Stories

Oct. 11th  | 1-2  PM  Beauregard Center MUB 120

Join us for a chance to listen and share a roller coaster of coming out stories. The heart-warming, the embarrassing, the awkward, the sad, and everything in between. We’ll ask a few people to kick us off and then open the floor for anyone to share. And, of course we’ll have warm cookies. Sponsored by NH Listens and Carsey School of Public Policy.


Disclosure, presented by TransUNH and Alliance

Oct. 12th  | 7:30 PM - 9:30pm  MUB 334

Join TransUNH and Alliance as we have a screening of the documentary Disclosure! Sponsored by TransUNH and Alliance.


Mindfulness for Sexual Well-Being

Oct. 13th  | 3:30 PM - 4 PM   Thrive, HRC 

Mindfulness is a way of being fully present with your mind, body, heart, and sensations. Learn and practice mindfulness techniques that you can use to enhance your sexual well-being and agency. Open to the UNH community. Led by Dawn Zitney, Wellness Educator/Counselor. Sponsored by Health & Wellness.


HeARTs and Crafts with PACS

Oct. 13th  | 4-5:30 PM  Beauregard Center MUB 120

A 90 minute event focusing on combining creative expression and mental health. We will discuss the importance of self-care and engage in a variety of creative activities. Sponsored by Psychological and Counseling Services


Trans UNH's Halloween Mixer

Oct. 13th  | 5-7 PM   MUB 338

Get into the spooky season with a mixer thrown by TransUNH! Paint pumpkins, drink cider, and bonus points if you dress up for the occasion! Sponsored by TransUNH.


Film & Chat: Break the Silence: Reproductive & Sexual Health Stories                                 

Oct. 13th  |  7 PM  Virtual Zoom:

A raw, powerful interviews with 18 diverse cisgender and transgender women about their sexual & reproductive health histories. Challenging social taboo with unflinching candor, vulnerability, and often great humor. Break the Silence kickstarts conversations around sexual education, health, autonomy, pleasure, and human rights. Post-film chat co-facilitated and sponsored by Avary Thorne, Women's and Gender Studies and Sam Ansart '22, Sexual Well-Being Intern at Health & Wellness.


Union Court Trivia: NCOW Edition

Oct. 13th  |  7:30 PM -9:00 PM  Union Court

Join for general and LGBTQIA+ related trivia in Union Court with the MUB. Sponsored by Memorial Union Student Activities.


Tye Dye with TransUNH and Delta Xi Phi!

Oct. 14th  | 12:00 PM - 12:40 PM  Mills Quad

Join Trans UNH and DXP in making some super fun tye dye! Sponsored by TransUNH and Delta Xi Phi.


Real Talk: Sex, Bodies, and Size

Oct. 14th  | 12:40 PM-2 PM Beauregard Center

Join us for a conversation about the intersection of sex, our bodies, and size and the complexity of our experiences. *We seek for this space to be Ace inclusive. Sponsored by The Beauregard Center.


Diversify Your Tech: LGBTQIA+ Friendly

Practices for Online Platforms

Oct. 14th  | 1- 1:45 PM  Virtual Zoom:

This short introduction will help you edit your accounts on platforms widely utilized by UNH (i.e. Zoom) to ensure your pronouns are consistently displayed. Sponsored by Community, Equity, and Diversity.

Finding LGBTQ+ Materials at the UNH Library and Beyond

Oct. 14th  | 2- 3 PM  *update will not be offered in person only zoom

Virtual Zoom:

The language used to describe LGBTQ+ people and their culture is ever-changing and often different depending on context. This can make it difficult to know how to search for materials in libraries and online. In this program, librarian Jay Colbert will demonstrate search strategies for finding LGBTQ+ materials at the UNH Library and beyond. Sponsored by UNH Library.


Slow & Restorative Yoga for the LGBTQIA+ Community

Oct. 15th  | 1-2 PM  Studio 2, HRC

Assist your nervous system ease into a state of safety and calm. Gather in community, feel grounded on your mat, and be guided through gentle, slow, and restorative yoga postures. No yoga experience necessary. You already have a yoga body. Yoga mat and props provided. Open to students. Led by aspiring ally and registered yoga teacher Dawn Zitney, Wellness Educator/Counselor, Health & Wellness. *You must show a valid Wildcat Pass and wear a mask when entering the Hamel Rec Center.  Sponsored by Health and Wellness.


“Being Out”Safe Zones LGBTQIA+ Panel

Oct.  15th  | 2 - 3 PM  MUB Theater 1

This program features a panel of UNH LGBTQA+ students followed by an interactive Q & A discussion. LGBTQA+ students will share how they identify within the LGBTQIA+ and Ally spectrum, personal experiences with coming out and reactions from friends and family, being LGBTQIA+ at UNH, personal impact of homophobic and transphobic bias incidents, tips for allies, and beyond. This is an informal opportunity for the anyone in the UNH Community to learn from the stories of students. Sponsored by UNH Safe Zones.


TransUNH Open Meeting

Oct. 15th  | 5 - 6 PM  MUB 340

It's time for TransUNH's semesterly Open Meeting! Drop by and learn about our organization and trans issues; and play some Kahoot while you're at it! Sponsored by TransUNH.


National Coming Out Week Open Mic

Oct. 15th  | 7 - 9 PM  MUB Entertainment Center

Link to register:

Come share your poetry, songs, thoughts and/or stories with Alliance in honor of National Coming Out Week! Light refreshments will be provided. Sponsored by Alliance.


Spring 2021- Programs and Events

Real Talk: COVID vs. AIDS/HIV Epidemic from a Public Health Perspective

4/2 | 2pm-3pm  Zoom Link:

Join us in reflecting on and comparing the AIDS/HIV epidemic and COVID-19 pandemic from a public health perspective.


Trans UNH Open Meeting

4/2 | 6pm  Zoom Link:

Join the student organization, Trans UNH, for an open meeting - anyone can attend.


Out Front, Full Circle – UNH LGBTQ+ Historical Perspective

4/6 | 7pm Registration Link:

Fifty years ago, a small circle of friends fought for their rights as UNH's first recognized gay student group. UNH's annual LGBTQ+ and Ally Pancake Breakfast started as a way to celebrate the community, welcome allies, and spread positivity around LGBTQIA+ work. Please join us for a conversation with current and former student representatives from LGBTQ+ student organizations as they share the progress that has been made and challenges that still exist.


Alliance Weekly Meeting

Every Tuesday 7:30pm-9pm

Join the student organization Alliance for their weekly meeting. For zoom links visit the Alliance Facebook page.


Pride and Pancakes Breakfast

4/7 | 9am-10am

Registration Link:

Join us for our *virtual* Pride and Pancakes breakfast for 2021.  We will be holding this annual celebration to honor our Kidder Award winners virtually, adhering to COVID protocols.  This event is open to all, including students, staff, faculty and administration. 


Getting Ready with Bob

4/8 | 8pm   Zoom Link:

A Q&A and makeup tutorial with Bob the Drag Queen, moderated by Drag Legend Peaches Christ.


Discussion with Curly Velasquez: A look into Latinx and Queer Intersectionality

4/9 | 6pm  Tickets:

MOSAICO presents: A discussion with Curly Velasquez, an actor and producer in LA, well-known for his videos on Buzzfeed’s PeroLike and Curly Show. Join us for an evening of discussion about Curly’s life, career and how the intersection of his identities have affected it all. There will be an open Q&A at the end for any questions you may have for Curly. (If you are a UNH student, feel free to join us for a live screening of the discussion at the MUB Strafford room at 6pm – Get your free tickets at the MUB ticket office or online: )


Social Justice Education: Allyship for LGBTQIA Populations

4/13 |12pm-2pm Registration:

Staff, faculty and graduate students are welcome to join us in this opportunity to further your professional development in Social Justice Education. We will engage in meaningful dialogue on concepts presented during your previous SJE Awareness session. This discussion will have a particular focus around LGBTQIA+ identities and what it means to be an ally to this community as a part of Gaypril/Campus Pride Month celebration.


Kidder Lecture: Dinner and Film - Coded Bias

4/13 | 6pm-8pm


Join us for a virtual film screening followed by a group discussion on the film. We invite participants to bring their dinners to the screening, and following the 90 minute screening, we'll share our thoughts on the themes raised in the film and consider our responsibilities to addressing the issues highlighted.


Trans Men Speak

4/14 | 9:15am (**time changed from 10am) Zoom Link:

A panel with all trans men to talk about masculinity and gender identities.


Venture Out Film Screening and Discussion

4/15 | 7-8pm Registration Link:

Community sponsored event. Join us for a special evening with The Venter Out Project, a non-profit organization that brings LGBTQ folks together on wilderness trips. We’ll start with a showing of the short film Venture Out -  a story about overcoming odds, the power of resilience and ultimately the everlasting effects of LGBTQ community building. Join Venture Out Project Founder Perry Cohen and others for a panel and discussion.


Communicating While Queer

4/20 | 12:30pm-1:30pm  

Registration Link:

A dialogue and learning space focused on communication practices in queer communities and relationships.


The University Honors Program’s Gaypril 20/20 Presentations

4/21 | 11am   Zoom  Link:

A keynote address from UNH Professor, Holly Cashman, to frame the importance of designing and conducting research in marginalized populations. Next, University Honors Students and Faculty will present LGBTQIAP+ -related research in the imminently-approachable Pecha Kucha style (20 slides, shown for 20 seconds each). There will be time at the end for Q&A.


Asexuality & Campus Sex Culture

4/23 | 10am-11am

Registration Link:

A workshop to build your knowledge base about the spectrum of asexual identities, to deconstruct common myths and misconceptions about asexuality, and to explore how we can shift campus discourse and sex education to be more inclusive of our asexual community members.


Stonewall Grads Meeting + Game Night

4/23 | 4:30pm   

Zoom Link:

Stonewall Grads is focused on building community among the LGBTQ+ and ally grad students at UNH, but anyone is welcome at our meetings and events! Our April meeting will include time to catch up with each other over Zoom followed by time to play games together online.


Film Screening and Discussion: Disclosure

4/27 | 7pm 

Registration Link:

Join UNH SHARPP for a virtual film screening. We'll be showing the film Disclosure (2020) which takes an in-depth look at Hollywood's current and historical depiction of transgender people and the impact of those stories on transgender lives and American culture.


GYT! Get yourself tested/screened for STIs/HIV at Health & Wellness during the month of April and get a free $5 gift card. Offer available to all UNH students. Registration Link:




Community Dialogue

Our programs and events enrich University life by providing a space for faculty, staff and students to engage in learning and dialogue on a wide scope of social justice and diversity topics about races, gender identities, abilities, ages, ethnicities, nationalities, religions and spiritual traditions, socio-economic classes, and sexual orientations.

    OMSA Story Circles:

    This program will provide a chance for the UNH Community to discuss what working towards social justice looks like in practice. Staff, Faculty and Professors will share their lived experiences of being socialized into oppression and/or dominance, navigating their complexities, and resisting these forces in everyday life. Their narratives will be the start of a conversation, opening up the space for participants to discuss their own narratives, reflecting on commonalities and divergences in personal experiences. Whether you’re new to thinking about social justice or it’s always on your mind, this should provide a chance for us all to learn and grow as a community.

    Enriching the Curriculum

    We welcome faculty involvement in our events. Additional educational materials accompanying each program are available; please contact our office for more information.

      Open to All

      All events are free, wheelchair-accessible, and open to the public. Click here for more information about our office location, parking, transportation, and directions to campus.

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