Cultural Tours


Important Information to answer Frequently Asked Questions

The Durham pick-ups will be at the Durham Evangelical Church, 114 Dover Rd. (Rte. 108).

Directions for Newington pickup:  From the Portsmouth Traffic Circle, take Rte. 16 North (Spaulding Turnpike).  Take exit #1 (Gosling Road/Pease), turn right onto Gosling Road.  Get in the left lane to turn left at the first set of lights (right past McDonald’s).  Stay in the left lane to make a left turn at the stop sign.  You will be on the mall perimeter road.  Turn right into the  parking lot opposite the Longhorn Steakhouse.

***All ARA members and guests on an ARA Cultural Tour must be fully vaccinated. Masks are encouraged on all buses and all indoor ARA sponsored activites but are no longer mandatory.

PLEASE SIGN UP ONLY FOR TOURS YOU KNOW YOU CAN FULLY AND SAFELY ENJOY.  Members and guests are asked to give consideration to their health and well being before registering for tours requiring greater physical exertion than others (such as more walking, stair climbing, etc.).

PLEASE CALL DEBBI FORSTER, Tour Director (603-397-5788), if you will be asking for assistance for any tour.


Making Your Reservations:  Reservations are accepted by mail or by hand at general meetings (give directly to Debbi Forster, Tour Director, or any Tour Committee member).  Reservations will be  honored in the order they are received.  Reservation forms are included with this mailing.  Please complete each reservation form (with your luncheon choice where appropriate) and promptly mail the reservation form(s) with a separate check for each reservation form to the address indicated on the form.  Separate checks are necessary, because checks are not deposited until after each individual tour.  Make your check(s) payable to: ARA Tours.  Please do not staple, tape, or clip check to the reservation form.  Email reminders will be sent approximately one week prior to tour date.  If you do not have email, you’ll receive a phone call reminder.

Eligibility:  Members in good standing for the current 2021-2022 year are eligible to participate in the trips.

Guest PolicyReservations will be filled on a “Members First” basis.  After this is accomplished, guests will be accommodated if there is room.  If you would like to bring a guest, please check with Debbi Forster (603-397-5788) and she will guide you through the process.

Cancellation Policy: Refunds are made only if there is a waiting list and someone else can take your place.  Cancellations and/or substitutions must be made with Debbi Forster (603-397-5788).  The bus company may cancel trips in the event of bad weather.  Someone will contact you should this happen.

Contacting Tour Director within 30 minutes of Departure: If you need to reach Debbi Forster just before time of departure, call her cell phone at 310-749-8356.

DRIFTER POLICY:  Note:  During the tour, for your own safety and to ensure that the schedule is maintained, individuals must not separate from the group for any reason unless the tour leader has authorized “time on your own.”

Note:  ARA cannot be responsible for those who leave the tour group should they get left behind.  Occasionally during a tour schedule, changes must be made at the last minute.  There is no way to communicate such changes to persons who have gone off on their own.  Every effort will be made to locate drifters, but the bus will be held no longer than 15 minutes

Other:  The cost of the trip includes all gratuities, including the bus driver and meal service as applicable.  The cost for wine and alcoholic drinks, however, is not included and must be paid for separately.


NoteA separate check must accompany each tour reservation and be made payable to ARA Tours. 

Reservations will be honored on a first received basis.  Please send in your reservations as early as possible.

For Further Information:  Contact Debbi Forster, Tour Director, at 603-397-5788.