Committee Descriptions


The ARA is structured to have a set of directors in charge of various functions necessary to the operation of the association.  Each director is assisted by a committee in the execution of the tasks assigned.  Directors and committee members must be members in good standing of ARA.


Contact: Bob Woodward, Robert.Woodward@unh.edu

The A/V committee recommends, acquires, maintains, sets up and, where necessary, operates audio/visual equipment for all ARA functions: programs, meetings, and any other events where such equipment is required.


Contact: Debbi Forster, deborah.forster13@comcast.net

The Cultural Tours Committee meets monthly to plan all aspects of the tours.  The Planning stage includes checking places of interest, dining venues, bus lines, schedules and pricing. Whenever possible, Tour Committee members or the Tour Director actually “walk the walk” prior to any tour to enhance the tour experience for ARA members.


Contact: Wendy Beckwith, wendybeckwith5@gmail.com

The facilities committee assists the facilities director in preparing venues for general meetings and special events as needed. Work includes setting up and taking down tables, chairs and any other items needed for a successful event.


Contact:  Madelyn Duzinski, madelynduzinski@comcast.net

The Financial Advisory Committee offers guidance and financial expertise to the Treasurer to manage ARA’s investments, including the Memorial Fund.  Other expertise including insurance is also needed from time to time.


Contact: Ismini George, isminiarnold@hotmail.com

The Hospitality Committee assists the Hospitality Director in making arrangements for refreshments served at ARA events such as general meetings and Holiday and Annual Meeting Luncheons.  Committee members may also assist in performing other appropriate functions related to enhancing social aspects of these events and making members and guests feel welcome.


Contact: Linda Lacroix, arainfo1982@gmail.com

The membership committee assists the membership director in maintaining and updating the membership files of the association, printing and distributing name badges, and providing the directors with up-to-date lists of members.


Contact: Kathy Kowler, k1kowlxr@comcast.net

The Program Committee is charged to think creatively to design programs that are educational, entertaining and enriching for our members. Sometimes these are classroom-based (often with nationally prominent professors and professionals) while at other times we'll head out on a field trip. So join a convivial group of members that shares many a laugh while building these programs (otherwise, what’s the point?)!


Contact: Catherine Schirmer, cschirmer@comcast.net

The purpose of the Public Relations Committee is to inform the public about the activities and benefits of membership in the Active Retirement Association (ARA). Responsibilities include writing and disseminating information about current programs open to the general public, specifically all general meetings, Memorial Fund events, and one free program per term. The committee is also responsible for writing copy for all press releases and promotional materials.


Contact: Susan Wagner, susanwagner31@comcast.net

A small cohort of Publications Committee members (fondly know as ‘Stuffers & Stampers’) prepares the mailing of the semi-annual Program Schedules, cultural tour and social event announcements, membership renewal forms, and other printed communications with the membership.  Mailings are ‘stuffed and stamped’ about 5 or 6 times per year.


Contact: Drew Christie, drew.christie@unh.edu

The technology services committee assists the technology services director in maintaining and updating the on-line presence of the ARA.

This includes:

• Distributing information to the membership by email via Constant Contact

• Maintaining the website information for all of ARA board/committee members

• Monitoring our Facebook page and posting special announcements, notices, and free events in the community that members might want to take advantage of.