UNH Today

Preventing Coccidiosis in Cattle

Station scientist Pete Erickson, professor of dairy management in the UNH College of Life Sciences and Agriculture, has found evidence that the compound sodium butyrate—a nutrient that people obtain by consuming beans, peas and other legumes, but that can also be added to animal feed—could be used as a coccidiosis preventative in cattle.

Women in the Woods

Have you ever walked in the woods while 15 women are running chainsaws? While historically this hasn’t been a common sight in New Hampshire, UNH Extension is now helping make it a more frequent reality.

Connecting Across Cultures

It took Lina Adjout ’21 one day and one traditional Turkish pastry to find exactly what she was hoping to find in Ireland.

Adjout embarked on the journey as a recipient of the Stanley A. Hamel Traveling Fellowship (HTF) in hopes of discovering the “emerging immigrant diaspora,” as she explains. Less than 24 hours after arriving in Dublin, she struck up a conversation with a Turkish shop owner – over a börek, a pastry popular in the Balkans, the Middle East and Central Asia that sparked memories of Adjout’s own Algerian roots – about their shared immigrant history.

Research Snapshot: Northern Lights

On a recent night above the Arctic circle in Norway, two rockets carrying equipment designed and built by UNH students and researchers streaked across the sky, cutting through the vivid green aurora — more commonly known as the Northern Lights. These skyward sensations are created when charged particles, such as electrons, interact with other particles in Earth’s magnetic fields. But not all aurora are the same: Some are dim, others are pulsating, and the rest are tall, thin and dance through the night sky.