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The Washington Post: 2020 Census undercounted Latinos, Blacks and Native Americans, bureau estimates show

New data from the U.S. Census Bureau reveals that the 2020 Census missed counting Hispanics, Blacks, and other minority groups and overcounted Whites and Asians. The undercount for Hispanics was as much as 4.99 percent, according to The Washington Post, while Whites were overcounted by about 1.64 percent.

“One wonders about what the implications of this undercount of Hispanics are for their representation in both the federal and state legislatures,” Carsey School Senior Demographer Ken Johnson told The Washington Post.

Water Works

New research has found that watershed size plays a major role in a river network’s ability to filter certain pollutants. The findings both further our understanding of which estuaries and coastal areas will be more impacted by human development in their watersheds and shed light on the intricacies of the global carbon cycle. 

Going Places

When it came time to choose a college, Madison Hoppler ’24 opted for the financial security of the campus located practically in her backyard over a more focused pursuit of her creative passion at art school.

That decision meant she could attend UNH while living in her childhood home in Durham, studying art in hopes of forging a career in a creative space. But it also meant putting on hold her desire to explore the world more fully beyond the town she grew up in.

And all of that made her precisely the young woman Kelsy Stromski was looking for..

Pearl of Hope

UNH researchers have collected new data that will aid oyster restoration in New Hampshire's Great Bay Estuary and support ongoing efforts to understand the ecological changes taking place in the bay as the result of disease and habitat loss.

Arctic Changes; Global Impacts

Faculty in UNH’s natural resources and the environment program have a strong legacy of tackling environmental challenges through research and education. So when master’s students Joy O’Brien and Alma Hernandez wanted to pursue careers studying Arctic systems, they turned to Jessica Ernakovich, a faculty member with a UNH research and teaching program focused on Arctic ecosystem changes and their local and global impacts.