map of ocean floor

Prize on the Bottom of the Sea

A team of UNH-trained hydrographers are in the running for the $7 million Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE.  Read More

Recent Stories

  • UNH student Crystina Friese '20
    - In the Field
    Crystina Friese '20, an anthropology major, is honing archeological field methods in the Great Bay Estuary this summer with guidance from her mentor, professor Meghan Howey. (... Read More
  • Graduate students working in the Hubbard Genome Center at UNH
    - Inside the Genome Center
    How did an oil spill impact a tiny organism in the Gulf of Mexcio? UNH graduate students are working to find out.  Read More
  • a desert environment
    - Lessons from the Cactus Mouse
    UNH researchers say cactus mice could teach humans something about surviving severe dehydration. Read More
  • Jane Stapleton
    - Extraordinary Outreach
    UNH has been selected as one of four finalists for the 2017 C. Peter Magrath Community Engagement Scholarship Award. Read More
  • UNH students conducting research in a shrubby area
    - A Bird in Hand
    Native shrubs or invasive shrubs? Students from the College of Life Sciences and Agriculture are running a comparison on birds' use of shrubby transmission line rights-of-way this... Read More
  • SEM image of volcanic ash
    - Smart Ash
    New UNH research will help scientists measure, and thus predict the movement of, tiny particles like ash from volcanic eruptions. Read More
  • Corinna Jenkins Tucker
    - Sibling Studies
    Corinna Jenkins Tucker aims to understand the role of conflict in sibling relationships. Read More
  • UNH students eating in Holloway Commons
    - Guiding Stars on Campus
    Guiding Stars raises awareness of healthy food choices available on campus.   Read More
  • UNH researcher Win Watson
    - A Deep Dive on a Keystone Species
    Watch how UNH professor Win Watson and graduate student Meghan Owings are helping save horseshoe crabs. Read More
  • Associate professor of marketing Shuili Du studies corporate social responsibility.
    - Responsible and Profitable
    Shuili Du explains how doing good positively impacts the bottom line. Read More