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  • Julie Rosenbach

    Walking Toward a Sustainable Future

    There’s a café near Julie Rosenbach’s City Hall office that she often visits. One morning she forgot her travel mug and ordered coffee to go in a paper cup. When someone made an offhand comment about...
  • UNH class on eating local foods

    Eating Locally One Class at a Time

    Kelly Cullen, associate professor of natural resources and the environment, starts her class with terrifying statistics and ends it with hope. In the course Being a Locavore, Cullen shows students...
  • Peg Whittemore '46 - UNH chemistry alum

    Strong Bonds

    Margaret “Peg” Whittemore found chemistry at Portsmouth High School. It was 1941, her senior year, and she had just moved to New Hampshire from Newton, Mass. Two things helped her adjust to the move...
  • Natalee Stimpson

    Planting the Seed

    Here’s how you get healthy food to low-income families: help their garden grow. And if the saying holds true that such acts take a village, then meet villager Natalee Stimpson.
  • Adam Wong

    From Pokémon to the Real Deal

    Adam Wong’s very first pair of dog tags had Pokémon on them. He doesn’t remember how old he was, just that he wanted to be a soldier someday. That was always the game he and his cousin played when...
  • N.H. National Guard students on campus

    Tuition Waivers for National Guard Students Top $6 Million

    When it comes to supporting its members of the military, the University of New Hampshire puts its money where its mouth is. And it has for nearly 18 years. Since 1997, the university has waived more...
  • Cory Nitschelm

    Making the Most of Everything

    Cory Nitschelm ’16 describes himself as someone who likes to keep busy. Get ready to think “understatement.” A senior at the Paul College of Business and Economics, Nitschelm is majoring in business...
  • Julie Hird, 16, playing ice hockey

    Making Her Own Play

    Julia Hird ‘16 has been playing ice hockey since she was 7 years old. When she started it was a way to do something that her twin sister, Caroline, was not. Let her have gymnastics, she said.
  • Julia Hird '16

    Making Her Own Play

    Julia Hird ‘16 has been playing ice hockey since she was 7 years old. When she started it was a way to do something that her twin sister, Caroline, was not. Let her have gymnastics, she said.
  • Lauren DeJoie ’15

    Ending up “Here”

    When Lauren DeJoie ’15 graduates Saturday, she will have changed her major three times, settled on a dual major, added a minor, completed three internships and found the route to her career path. “It...
  • Lixing Huang

    Speaking the Universal Language

    Lixing Huang came to UNH from the other side of the world. He arrived four years ago not knowing a soul. But that didn’t last long. On move-in day 2012, Huang '15 went floor to floor in his dorm,...
  • Katerina Messologitis

    Engineering Her Way to Africa

    The first time Katerina Messologitis ’15 went to Costa Rica, in 2012, it was to learn about sustainable energy — wind, water, geothermal, solar. The second time, she served as a mentor with the...
  • UNH graduate Jessica DePontbriand
  • Linsey Phelan '15 with Icing on the Cake, one of her favorite horses, at the UNH horse barns

    Stable Living

    Linsey Phelan '15 with Icing on the Cake, one of her favorite horses, at the UNH horse barns   From inside her apartment, Linsey Phelan '15 can hear the thundering of horses’ hooves. Her neighbor...
  • Tara Fulton

    New University Library Dean Named

    Professor Tara Lynn Fulton, former librarian at Eastern Michigan University, has been named the new university library dean.  She will assume the position May 29.
  • picking through trash in Nepal

    Trading Goats and Birthing Babies in Nepal

    Picture it: a hospital without heat. Patients bringing their own blankets. Women delivering babies side by side with little more than a curtain separating them. No public ambulances. 
  • UNH President Mark Huddleston
  • TSAS Culinary chefs at work in the kitchen

    Thompson School’s Culinary Program Earns Five-Year Accreditation

    The culinary program at the Thompson School of Applied Science has received accreditation from the American Culinary Federation.
  • Cory Snyder, U.S. Telemark Team, from Fox Cape Productions on Vimeo

    "That's Where the Awesome Is"

    Cory Snyder, U.S. Telemark Team, from Fox Cape Productions on Vimeo Here’s the glory of being a reigning champion: Three years ago, while competing and training in Europe, U.S. Telemark Ski Team...
  • Celine Boutin ’17

    This is What a Hamel Scholar Looks Like

    Celine Boutin ’17 began thinking seriously about college the summer after 5th grade. Yes, that early. That’s when she became involved with Breakthrough Manchester, a program that aims to set kids on...
  • Evan Ide ’01 drives a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO

    The Fine Art of the Pre-War Automobile With Expert Evan Ide '01

    In August, when a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO once owned by an Olympic gold medal skier sold at auction for a record-breaking $34.6 million, Evan Ide ’01 was the one who drove the car on the stage for...
  • Evan Ide ’01

    Car Talk

    In August, when a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO once owned by an Olympic gold medal skier sold at auction for a record-breaking $34.6 million, Evan Ide ’01 was the one who drove the car on the stage for...
  • Students in the MUB at popup thrift store

    Used Clothing Put to Good Use

    On Friday, Dec. 5, a popup thrift store will open in the MUB. It will be there for two days, offering for sale sweaters and T-shirts and skinny jeans and sundry other articles of clothing collected...
  • U.S. Army Col. Scott Dullea ’89

    The Russian Connection

    There are jobs and then there are Jobs. U.S. Army Col. Scott Dullea ’89 has one of the latter.   His office window looks out at the West Wing of the White House. His boss is Susan Rice, President...
  • Jamie Burke playing Rugby

    Using Her Head

    Jamie Burke '14G has spent the last seven years at UNH working toward her Ph.D. in education. She’s hit a few bumps along the way, like when her research didn’t cooperate, and when she had a setback...
  • Mary Jordan ’88
  • Chao "Yvonne" Yang

    “This Is My Water”

     Chao "Yvonne" Yang
  • veterans conversing

    UNH Marks Veterans Day

    UNH marked Veterans Day 2014 with events, ceremonies and community service on campus and in local communities.  
  • chalkboard at the Freedom Cafe

    Coffee for Freedom

    It’s hard to fight an industry estimated to be worth $150 billion. Especially when it exists underground. There are no headquarters to picket, no CEOs to run full-page newspaper ads against. Instead...
  • Ph.D. candidate's research on Salem Witch Trials

    Still in a Haunted Mood? Ph.D. Candidate Shares Her Expertise on Salem Witch Trials

    It was 1692. Like the rest of New England, Massachusetts was under British rule. It was against the law not to go to church. Puritan doctrine was suspect of anything that wasn't morally pure. Almost...
  • sarah wiggins sitting on colorful steps

    Exploring Agritourism in Chile

    When Sarah Wiggins ‘15 was conducting research in Talca, Chile, this past summer she met an 83-year-old woman whose education had stopped after only three years. She raises cattle and sells them to...
  • student in thift store

    Firsthand Experience in a Secondhand Store

    You hear it all the time from students, the value of taking what they’ve learned in the classroom out to the field to gain up-close experience while exploring possible career options. Colleen Ryan ‘...
  • Chloe Schmir

    STEM Majors on the Rise: The Numbers Tell the Story

    When the school year began earlier this month, the University of New Hampshire welcomed some 3,400 first-year students, more than 1,000 of whom enrolled in majors in the STEM science, technology,...
  • lewis feldstein and marcy carsey

    It's an Honor: 2014 Hubbard and Pettee Awards Bestowed

    An Emmy-winning television producer and a former New Hampshire Charitable Foundation president who speaks nationally on social capital received the University of New Hampshire’s two highest honors...
  • Professor Lucy Salyer and Joe Juknievich
  • Melissa Proul working on a story

    A Newsworthy Event Inspires a Career in News

    Twelve seconds changed Melissa Proulx’s life.  Twelve seconds. That’s how much time passed between the detonation of the first and the second bomb at last year’s Boston Marathon. Proulx ’15 wasn’t...
  • laura van beaver

    Science Can Be Slow – Like Brewing a Good Cup of Tea

    Laura Van Beaver makes notes about her research on how to engineer a better cup of decaffeinated tea. Tea drinkers will tell you it can be hard to find a really good decaffeinated tea. It’s not the...
  • Jamie Burke playing Rugby

    A Study in Discipline, On Field and Off

    Jamie Burke (center, black cap) during an August 2014 rugby match in Paris with the USA women’s rugby team. Jamie Burke has spent the last several years at UNH working toward her Ph.D. in education....
  • erika moretti with hand in marine tank

    How I Spent My Summer Vacation: Studying Crustaceans in Great Bay

    Last summer, Erika Moretti ’15 was on a lobster boat on Great Bay helping a UNH researcher pull lobster traps for an annual survey when they found a blue crab in one of the pots. Green crabs are...
  • susan entz

    Entz Named Associate Vice President of Alumni Relations

    Susan Entz has been named Associate Vice President of Alumni Relations.  The former executive director of strategic events and programs, Entz began her career at UNH 16 years ago as a gift officer....
  • upward bound students giving an outdoor presentation

    Schooled for School

    Before there can be a dream, there has to be the belief. Not in the dream itself just yet but in possibilities. In yes you can. UNH’s Upward Bound, and counterparts of the federal program across the...
  • catherine geiger in flower garden

    Get Novel Published: Check

    There are some students—English majors, often--who come to UNH aspiring to one day be writers. Maybe, even, to pen the next great American novel. Catherine Geiger ‘18 is halfway there.
  • emma brown presenting her research

    Wicked Cool Research

    Boston is a wicked cool town. It’s got the wicked awesome Red Sox and a wicked hard marathon and wicked fun swan boats in the Frog Pond at the Common, and, according to Urban Dictionary, it is the...
  • hamilton therapy dog

    Big Man on Campus: Therapy Dog Eases Stress

    Before Hamilton Caplan could come to UNH, he had to go to school. An 85-pound, 3-foot-6 Great Dane mix, Hamilton is UNH Health Services’ first therapy dog. His owner, Maria Caplan, the nutrition...
  • Living the Disney Magic

    Living the Disney Magic

    When Jennifer Lee ’92 was a small child, Disney movies were her escape. She’d prance around, caught up in that Magic Kingdom magic, pretending she was part of the story. Later on, older, a friend...
  • mary ann harty

    At 60, Alumna Starts New Life with the Peace Corps

    Mary Ann Harty had a whole other life before she starting living the one she has now. Sixty years of a life that had her graduating in 1974 from UNH, where she majored in German and minored in French...
  • buddies without borders participants

    Buddies Without Borders Pairs International and American Students

    For international students, there’s more to adjusting to college life than getting to know their roommate or learning their way around campus. Fitting in—making friends, having plans for Saturday...
  • University of New Hampshire Introduces New Logo

    University of New Hampshire Introduces New Logo

    The University of New Hampshire introduced its much-anticipated new logo during a men's hockey game against Boston College Saturday, Dec. 7, 2013. There was more blue and white than usual at the men’...
  • yellow pumpkin named Sunlight

    The Great (Yellow and White) Pumpkin

    There’s a new pumpkin in the patch and consumers have Brent Loy to thank. A professor of plant biology and genetics, Loy is a plant breeder. During his 45 years doing research at UNH, he has...
  • Thank You Justin Morrill: Morrill Act Turns 150
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