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  • UNH Law School

    Capturing The Vote

    The trend of voters taking pictures of their completed ballots in the voting booth and then posting them on social media is illegal in many states, including New Hampshire, where it carries a $1,000...
  • HP Hood &Son memorabilia

    Who Knew?

    After 150 years, you’d expect a few stories. Like the one about when real wildcats (the UNH mascot) were brought to football games. And the fact that not one but two alumni have received the Medal of...
  • Gen. Lori Robinson visiting Australian Air Force bases and units

    Becoming Lori Robinson

    Most people don’t make the cover of a magazine unless they’re a celebrity — an actor or a singer or a rock star, say. But then, define rock star.
  • Sarah Long Bridge

    Building Bridges

    To locals, it’s known as “the middle bridge.” When it is finally complete, the replacement for the Sarah Mildred Long Bridge that spans the Piscataqua River between Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and...
  • "Bandlier Phantasmagoria" by Jennifer Moses

    Maine Art Exhibit Features UNH Faculty

    The works of 10 UNH faculty members are featured in the exhibit “Back to School Special” at the George Marshall Store Gallery in York. 
  • UNH alumna Katie McCarter ’10 at the Rio Olympics

    Golden Opportunity

    Figure skating might not have been on the schedule for the 2016 Summer Olympics, but Katie McCarter ’10 credits her love of that particular sport for her role in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, this summer.
  • Zechariah Anderson

    A Place of Their Own

    Until recently, the 280-plus student veterans, guardsmen and reservists attending UNH didn’t have a place of their own, a place they could gather and be among people who shared a similar past or...
  • Zachary Angelini

    Supported by Opportunities

    What can thirteen interns do in nine weeks? A whole lot of social innovation. 
  • Tali Cherim and professor Marla Brettschneider

    Witnessing History: UNH at the DNC

    This week, when the country witnessed the nomination of the first female candidate for the presidency of the United States, UNH students were there. Not just in Philadelphia but right there in the...
  • Tyler Simpson and Vernon Carter

    Talking About The Hard Issues

    Current events serve as a reminder of just how crucial these discussions — and courses — are to society.
  • UNH campus in Durham, NH

    UNH Makes the List

    A leading online financial magazine has ranked the University of New Hampshire among the top 50 public universities in the country.
  • Shanyn Grenier ’97 and Amy Brnger, ’87, ’92G

    Filling the Gap

    The story goes like this: A young man with potential was encouraged by the late Joe Sawtelle to go to college.
  • The First Online MSWs

    The First Online MSWs

    Alyssa Mahoney lives in Gilmanton, New Hampshire, and works in Laconia, both just far enough away to make taking classes on UNH’s Durham or Manchester campuses problematic.  
  • Members of the UNH community gather to honor victims of the Orlando shooting spree

    Man's Inhumanity To Man

    Members of the UNH community honored the lives of 49 people who were killed in the country’s largest mass shooting earlier this week.  
  • Helping Others Help Others

    Helping Others Help Others

    Courtney Gray ’14 J.D., ’15 MSW is the executive director of NH Providers Association, a group that helps substance abuse providers do their jobs better.  
  • Cory Nitschelm '16

    Making Friends and Leading the Way

    Despite transferring to UNH the second semester of his sophomore year, Cory Nitschelm ’16 didn’t miss a beat getting involved at his new school. Literally. One of the first things the Paul College...
  • Katie McCarter ’10 with Olympian Jason Brown

    The Road to Rio

    A love of figure skating is taking Katie McCarter ’10 to the Olympics for the third time. That’s because it’s how her career with the games began, as coordinator of the U.S. figure skating team. And...
  • Health Services

    UNH Student Health Insurance May Be the Best Option

    UNH Health Services To ensure that students can get the care they need during their time at UNH, health insurance is required for all undergraduate and graduate degree candidates at the Durham,...
  • Samantha Blais

    The Time of Her Life

    So much of life is serendipitous. Take the route Samantha Blais ’16 traveled before landing a job in the sought-after pediatrics unit at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center.
  • Ten Ways To Mark Success

    Ten Ways To Mark Success

    One of the most prestigious scholarships in the country has been awarded to not just one University of New Hampshire student or graduate but 10, setting a record for the most Fulbright grants given...
  • Gen. Lori Roginson

    Commanding Results

    U.S. Air Force Gen. Lori Robinson ’81 had planned to be an English teacher. Instead, the year after graduating, she decided to join UNH’s ROTC program and “do the Air Force” for a few years while she...
  • Stoneface Brewing Co.

    Crafting a Career Out of Beer 1999, when Peter Beauregard ’00 won over a sullen coworker with one of his homebrewed six-packs, the thought occurred to him that he might have happened upon...
  • June Gong Chin '58

    The Reluctant Beauty Queen

    The first beauty pageant that June Gong Chin ’58 won earned her $500, a portable TV, a transistor radio and 25 pounds of Chinese sausage. Her title: Miss Chinatown New York 1957.
  • Lauren Lydon and client

    People Are Learning Here

    Some of the best partnerships are those bred from need. Take the collaboration between the occupational therapy department and Friends in Action, a nonprofit that serves adults with developmental...
  • Portsmouth, NH

    A Few of Our Favorite Things

    It’s not just about the money. It may seem that way when looking at the impact climate change could have on New Hampshire’s key tourism industries: The state annually collects $650 million from the...
  • Cameron Wake

    Learning to Dance in the Rain

    Climate has always changed and it always will. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be paying attention. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be doing something, Cameron Wake has said more than once.
  • Sara Carlson

    Role Model On and Off the Ice

    Talent is God-given. Be humble. Fame is man-given. Be grateful. Conceit is self-given. Be careful.  —John Wooden
  • Sarah Tubbs

    Creating Her Own Brand

    When Sarah Tubbs talks about the UNH chapter of the international program Best Buddies, a little bit of her marketing education comes through. She uses words like “normalizing” and “fostering...
  • map of Cuba

    Those Famous 90 Miles

    In Cuba it is called “el bloqueo,” the U.S. embargo against trade and travel that has been in place since 1960. On March 22, during his three-day visit to the island — the first by a U.S. president...
  • Brussels

    Trying To Explain the Unexplainable

    When Jim Ramsay walked into his classroom at UNH Manchester Tuesday morning, he set aside his planned lesson and asked students to talk about the terrorist attacks in Brussels.
  • Emily Ham and Svetlana Peshkova

    Documenting the Destruction of History

    "The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.” ~ George Orwell. 
  • This Is Your Brain on Heroin

    This Is Your Brain on Heroin

    News of the opioid crisis that has struck particularly hard in New Hampshire has included the number of deaths from overdoses (385 in 2015) and the use of the lifesaving drug Narcan and the need for...
  • 2008 Hillary Clinton volunteers - UNH

    Primary Experience

    Erin Thesing was a freshman when Barack Obama announced he was running for president. It was February 2007. She had just finished reading “The Audacity of Hope.” Feeling inspired came easy. Then...
  • UNH dance professor Assaf Benchetrit

    Major Differences

     Assaf Benchetrit didn’t even make it through the interview at a computer software company before he knew it wasn’t for him. Not just the job, the career.   Matthew Leonard ’97 ‘03G had his...
  • Members of the cybersecurity club at UNH

    Securing a Future in Cyberspace

    Three years ago, Saudi Aramco experienced one of the worst data breaches in its history when more than 30,000 of its computers were wiped clean. In May 2014, hackers stole the addresses, Social...
  • UNH panel discussion
  • Portsmouth filmmaker Michael Venn '96
  • UNH poitical interns
  • Carolyn Riley
  • Alex Casale

    Courting Success

    In 2014, more than 300 people in New Hampshire died from drug overdoses due, in part, to a spike in heroin use. Last month, the White House announced the allocation of $2.5 million to address the...
  • Hamel Rec Center construction
  • UNH professor David Kaye
  • students and alums of Talent Search listen to speakers

    Educational Talent Search at 50

    Jesse Austin '19 wasn’t brought up thinking there was a value in going to college. But he does now and he’s here, thanks to a visit from UNH’s Educational Talent Search staff when he was in the...
  • Lixing Huang

    Speaking the Universal Language

    Lixing Huang came to UNH from the other side of the world. He arrived four years ago not knowing a soul. But that didn’t last long.
  • Christina Muniz

    Cafeteria Food

      Christina Muniz is a native Texan whose passion for sustainable food led her to the UNH School of Law.
  • Stoke Hall 1965

    Birthday Marked by Memories Not Years

    When construction plans for Stoke Hall were announced in the Feb. 6, 1964, edition of the student newspaper, it was called UNH’s “first high-rise; the tallest building on campus.” And that’s true:...
  • Kim Celona working on extracting DNA

    Going to Bat for Bats

    In the winter of 2006, colonies of bats hibernating in Albany, New York, began dying from a disease commonly known as white-nose syndrome because of the powdery looking fungus that develops on the...
  • John Eldredge

    A Sober Story

    This is the third article in our series exploring how UNH alumni, faculty and students are tackling the heroin and opioid epidemic that has hit New Hampshire and many other parts of the country.
  • moon raker model

    To the Moon and Back

    Tamir Blum ’16 is a mechanical engineering major who has thought about one day working with robots. Or maybe for a company whose focus is outer space. Either way, he’s got a little experience with...
  • Lisa Mahoney

    Strawberry Fields

    A Ph.D. program isn’t something one enters into lightly. It’s a big commitment — years, in fact. But for Lise Mahoney, once she began her strawberry research at UNH back in 2004, working toward that...
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