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  • Trench leading from a spring to the wall where villagers can get water

    DO Drink the Water

    There’s a pipe that comes out of a cement wall in a village in Malawi that Emma Turgeon ‘19 helped put there. Before the pipe, there was a trench to dig, and the wall to build and a stone filtration...
  • Curtis Linton '21 on the football field

    Turning Things Around

    McNair Scholar Curtis Linton ’21 aims high.
  • Melissa Aikens, assistant professor biological sciences

    The Long Trajectory

    "I’m a classic case of having had an amazing teacher who challenged me."
  • 20 Years of What Ifs

    20 Years of What Ifs

    UNH's URC, now in its 21st year, is about much more than mice and test tubes.
  • Nooran Alhamdan ’20

    From Refugee Past to Future Leader

    Nooran Alhamdan ’20 is the daughter and granddaughter of Palestinian refugees.
  • Erin Bell

    Beams Build a Career

    In her own words, civil engineering professor Erin Bell shares her journey to academia.
  • Fulbrights

    Scholars Abroad

    Fulbrights to spend nine months teaching English.
  • Tests

    This Isn't a Test

    SAT scores could be a thing of the past.
  • Gymnastics

    Third-Time Charmed

    Gymnastics team soars to EAGL title.
  • Walkania “Mily” Santos’19

    Learning What’s Possible

    From a very early age, Walkania “Mily” Santos '19 knew she wanted to be a doctor.
  • the 25 Social Innovation interns

    Nine Weeks To Start Changing the World

    Since 2011, UNH's Center for Social Innovation and Enterprise has offered students internship opportunities with socially conscious nonprofit and for-profit businesses.
  • Fenway Park in Boston, Massachsetts

    Five Adventures Within An Hour of Campus

    Here are five of our favorite adventures that make for fun, easy getaways.
  • Sokhna Aw '19

    “It’s Never Too Late”

    Sokhna Aw ‘18 ‘19G always dreamed of going to college in America.
  • Nathan Schwadron, associate research professor of physics and astronomy

    Finding Physics in the Bad Stuff

    "When I was in first grade, I fell out of a tree ... I ended up having a grand mal seizure and wound up in a coma."
  • Teaching English Abroad

    Teaching English Abroad

    Three recent UNH graduates who have received Fulbright English teaching assistantships will spend nine months abroad.
  • Anna Dorrance '19

    Assessing the Jonah Crab Fishery

    Senior Anna Dorrance ’19 was among those who presented research at this year's URC.
  • Molly Comrie '19

    From Graduate to Graduate School

    Two days after commencement, Molly Comrie '19 will begin her master of social work program.
  • Jason Nguyen and Veronica Chambers-O'Bryan present smartphone info at URC

    Building the Future

    UNH students' URC project creates ROTC smartphone app.
  • Riley Kenney '19

    What Makes Us Human

    Anthropology major Riley Kenney ‘19 has found his niche.
  • Kingsbury Hall

    CAREER Success Times Two

    Two UNH faculty receive prestigious NSF early career awards.
  • Vernon Carter, social work professor

    From Odd Jobs to College Professor

    “I’m the great-grandson of a slave. My father’s grandmother had been a slave in Virginia. Both of his parents attended historically black colleges."
  • Mark Bonica, assistant professor health management & policy

    An Army Career Leads to UNH

    "My father immigrated from Sicily when he was 11. He ended up dropping out of high school when he was 17 to join the Navy and was sent to Vietnam."
  • Wayne Jones Jr.

    Job One

    A focus on student success convinced Wayne Jones Jr. to become UNH’s new provost.
  • Straw

    The Final Straw

    UNH Hospitality Services has announced it is getting rid of plastic drinking straws.
  • Alexander and Griffith


    Two UNH grad students recently started their terms in the New Hampshire House of Representatives.
  • Kiwiberry-based Arguta Sour

    Berry Good Beer

    UNH Brewing Science Lab has created a kiwiberry beer.
  • ​UNH's Quincy Abramson ​

    Career Possibilities

    Whether Quincy Abramson ’19 runs an international nonprofit one day or becomes an ambassador, she has a pretty good background to get there.
  • UNH's Matt MacManes

    Meet Our Faculty: Matthew MacManes

    "When I graduated from high school, I didn’t know what I wanted to do, so I decided to be an exchange student." 
  • On the PATH to Health

    On the PATH to Health

    Northeast Passage, UNH's nationally recognized therapeutic recreation and adaptive sports program, is partnering with veterans and veterans' organizations.
  • Brandon Blaesing '19 outside the MUB

    Making Connections

    Connections really can make a difference: Meet chemical engineering major Brandon Blaesing ’19, who landed a summer internship at Apple.
  • Grant Drumheller

    Meet Our Faculty: Grant Drumheller

    “I grew up in Toledo, Ohio. They have an incredible museum — there’s one great painting by everyone."
  • Erin Bell near the Memorial Bridge in Portsmouth, NH

    Meet Our Faculty: Erin Bell

    "I am the granddaughter of a village blacksmith (who)learned to weld in a German workcamp in Berlin during World War II."
  •  Jordan Garrett ’20 (l) and Taylor Lindsay '19 (r) with Goan students

    Podcasting for the Environment in India

    Taylor Lindsay ’19 considers herself a hard scientist. She’s used to working in terms of what can be seen and measured. 
  • Audrey Balaska '19

    A Passion to Help

    Back in high school, when Audrey Balaska ’19 was thinking about what she wanted to study in college, she came up with a list of three possibilities.
  • Emily Woods '19

    "Just People"

    Before Emily Woods ’19 started her internship at a homeless shelter in Boston, she was scared.
  • J.D. Salinger

    Rare J.D. Salinger Portraits Digitized

    Seventeen portraits of J.D. Salinger were recently digitized and are available for licensing through UNHInnovation.
  • First place winners of the high school SVIC, and their advisors and the judges.

    High School Students Address Social Issues

    A UNH competition is encouraging action.
  • Cameron Carbone '20

    Research in the Land of the Midnight Sun

    Ocean engineering major Cam Carbone '20 has had the experience of a lifetime.
  • Vicky Bandera '19

    Strength After Chemo

    In her research, Vicky Bandera '19 was trying to answer the question: does cancer treatment affect muscle strength?   
  • Rising to the Challenge

    Rising to the Challenge

    Social business competition winners get creative at the annual NH SVIC.
  • Riley Boss '19 using map to document building locations.

    Recording History in Weare

    The motto of Weare, New Hampshire, could very well be a subtitle for the research project Riley Boss ’19 has been doing.
  • Sandwich and apple

    Good Nutrition

    The UNH dietetics program has added a new master’s option.
  • UNH runners

    Coaching for the Byproduct

    Ask Robert Hoppler about coaching running standout Elinor Purrier ’18 and it is clear he believes the 11-time All-American was one piece of a whole.
  • Win Watson in scuba gear

    Professor's Horseshoe Crab Research Subject of Film

    A film about professor of zoology Win Watson's horseshoe crab research is among 36 selected for the 2018 American Conservation Film Festival.
  • Students standing at the side of the "patient's" bed.

    Talking It Through

    Students in COLSA's nutrition program get patient practice with “Olive,” an interactive mannequin.
  • Students in Nepal with mountains in the background.

    Outdoor Ed in Nepal

    Four UNH students traveled to Kathmandu this summer to help refine an experiential education program.
  • Row boat

    Swing Time

    A Rye teacher’s year-long project is about more than building boats.
  • N.H. Red Hen

    Something To Crow About

    Historic Hubbard chicken named N.H.’s official state poultry.
  • New U.S. citizens embrace after swearing in ceremony

    O'er the Land of the Free

    Seventy people were sworn in as American citizens on Sept. 19 during a ceremony at UNH.
  • Nicholas Kirsch, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering and founding director of the Connectivity Research Center

    Red Light, Green Light

    The notion that driverless cars will make us all safer doesn’t stand alone; connected vehicle technology is an integral part of that mission.
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