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  • Electing a President: History Repeats Itself

    Electing a President: History Repeats Itself

    We’ve heard all the adjectives describing the 2020 election climate — challenging times; tumultuous times; unprecedented times; even, times of unprecedented challenges.
  • Outdoor Groupies

    Outdoor Groupies

    Grace McCulloch ’21 is a self-proclaimed groupie. But not the celebrity fan kind. As a wildlife and conservation biology major, being involved with the UNH Extension program Nature Groupie is an...
  • GERMS 101

    GERMS 101

    It’s not that Davida Margolin had a crystal ball or whatever one might need to predict the future when she was preparing to teach this semester. It’s all right there in the science: how a coronavirus...
  • From Farm-to-Fork to Hunger

    From Farm-to-Fork to Hunger

    Alexandra Papadakis ’21 has long been interested in food. When she started at UNH, she thought that interest would take her in the direction of how it’s grown, harvested, marketed, consumed— that...
  • Kenneth Holmes

    Honesty, Transparency And Tough Love

    Kenneth Holmes, senior vice provost for student life, talks with UNH Today about his new role.
  • Tamara Marcus holding a banner during protest march

    A Movement Not A Moment

    Tamara Marcus knows that if there isn’t a way to address a problem, you find one. A Ph.D. candidate at UNH, Marcus helped cofound the Advocates for Social Justice in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
  • Students carry belongings into dorm

    Move-in Days

    The first day of school never looked like this. Neither has any other move-in day.
  • Nadine Petty

    The Work Begins With Us

    Nadine Petty is UNH’s new chief diversity officer and associate vice president for community, equity and diversity. She comes to us from the University of Iowa where she was the executive director of...
  • Morgan Saidel looking through telescope at Cornell University

    Reaching for a Galaxy Far, Far Away

    After her first semester at UNH, Morgan Saidel was miserable. It took a course in astronomy for her to realize it was because she had ignored her instincts to reach for the stars.
  • “Yours For The Building”

    “Yours For The Building”

    “For more than 30 years, John Lewis has had an unwavering commitment to the civil rights movement,” then-UNH President Dale Nitzschke said in his 1994 introduction of that year’s commencement speaker...
  • Abigail Baker

    Being Part of the Wave

    There’s a pretty big gap between a career in design research and one in occupational therapy, but Abigail Baker has found herself a bridge. Not only that, she’s been awarded a $10,000 scholarship to...
  • Kate Slater

    A World Shaped By Race

    In the two months since George Floyd was killed by police, protesters have continued to call for change. They might not march every day in every city, but they are still marching.
  • Wildcat statue wearing protective mask

    Looking Toward Fall

    If this were any other year, we wouldn’t be talking about plans to reopen UNH in the fall. It would never have closed. During any other summer, campus would be teeming with activity as a mix of...
  • Daniel DiRocco '20

    Falling in Love with Chemistry

    Editor’s note: This is one in a series we call “The Places They’ll Go” that has graduating seniors sharing their plans for the future.   Daniel DiRocco ’20 was always into biology. He goes so far as...
  • Students in Caitlin Mills course on daydreaming

    Boring It's Not

    A course in the science of daydreaming got Lauren Flynn ’20 thinking about the creativity that can bloom when our minds are free to wander. That led to a research position in the affect, cognition...
  • Sean Sutherlin '21

    Helping His City

    Sean Sutherlin ’21 is from Minnesota. He lives in a small city outside of Minneapolis, where protests sparked by the death of George Floyd in May led to rioting and looting. On the fourth day — once...
  • sign that reads: Black Lives Matter

    "We Must All Protest"

    In a 1967 speech, Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “A riot is the language of the unheard.” He went on to ask what America had failed to hear. 
  • David Walker ’20 in the cell culture hood.

    Proving the Naysayers Wrong

    The messages we receive when we’re young can stay with us — the things people tell us or suggest are true. David Walker ’20 came out of high school thinking he wasn’t “intelligent enough” to go into...
  • Kikori cofounders Kendra Bostick and Bryn Lottig

    Education, Textbooks and Recycling

    An app designed for educators to help them use experiential and social-emotional learning activities in their classrooms took first place in the 32nd Holloway Competition held earlier this month....
  • Grace Stott '20

    The Journey From Farm to Fork

    Grace Stott’s interest in nutrition started in middle school. That’s when she knew she wanted her future to be in food. She thought that meant she’d be in the culinary world, where she hoped to make...
  • Thompson Hall

    Fulbright Scholarships Extended

    Katherine Heaney ’20G just received her master’s degree in secondary education. Her plan for September had been to travel to Spain to teach English for the next academic year. She is one of five UNH...
  • Professor Meghan Howey with students

    Privilege of Breaking into Earth Honored

    Meghan Howey, professor of anthropology has been named a 2020 Andrew Carnegie Fellow. Fellows receive $200,000 to fund research and writing aimed at addressing some of the most important issues...
  • Glenn Homman '77 dressed in scrubs

    Choosing to Stay

    Before the coronavirus hit, the urgent care center where Glenn Hoffman ’77 works was seeing upwards of 100 patients a day. Today he and the staff treat fewer than 50 people daily and all of them...
  • Castine Bernardy doing research in her home

    Light Work

    One morning during the first week of April, graduate student Castine Bernardy entered a deserted parking lot in Maine beside an empty car whose back hatch was  raised. Professor Jim Malley watched...
  • Audrey Coleman '21 Alyssa Greig '21

    Getting the Gold

    Alyssa Greig ‘21 and Audrey Coleman ‘21 will receive assistance with their college expenses next year as recipients of Goldwater Scholarships, considered the nation’s premier undergraduate honor for...
  • Aerial shot of empty campus

    COVID-19: Webinar Series

    Coronavirus. COVID-19. Pandemic. Within a matter of months, these words have become part of our daily vocabulary. And they prompt so many questions.
  • The Whittemore Center full of  students with their poster presentations

    There's No Stopping Research

    Twenty-one years ago, the inaugural UNH Undergraduate Research Conference fielded the work of some 159 students over the course of two days. Last year, on the 20th anniversary of the event, that...
  • Dylan Wheeler

    Doing It All

    Dylan Wheeler ’20 has been described as a person who lives in a universe with 28-hour days. Here’s why: he’s founded two startups and he hasn’t even graduated yet. He launched the first one during...
  • Promoting a Right Not a Privilege

    Promoting a Right Not a Privilege

    In her application to become a 2020 Truman Scholar, Abrita Kuthumi ’21 proposed an idea that would provide educational resources for the lowest caste group in Nepal. She mapped out a plan offering...
  • Nurses wearing Evon masks

    Manufactured Agility

    A few years ago, Tom Moulton ‘77 had a bad experience with a paper face mask. You know, the disposable kind that you might use if you had a cold and were heading out, or like Moulton, found yourself...
  • face masks

    A Little Batch Of Helping

    During spring break, Laura Howard ’20 helped sew face masks for area healthcare workers. Her mother and sister helped, too.
  • students pictures on Zoom

    How The Show Will Go On

    Some historical references place the first use of the expression “the show must go on” back in the 1800s when circus performers continued their acts regardless of tigers on the loose or falls from...
  • aerial view of Thompson Hall

    If You Need a Helping Hand

    The Student Emergency Assistance Fund offers short-term assistance to students enrolled and taking classes at UNH who have an immediate financial crisis
  • The Doctor is Still In

    The Doctor is Still In

    The training UNH students received in the telehealth lab, and the equipment UNH has been able to share with area healthcare providers, is making a difference for those who might otherwise not be able...
  • Boston graphic

    People and Place and Need

    James Smugereski ’19 never planned on working for a nonprofit. He was a business major, with a focus in finance. He interned at one of the country’s largest insurance companies — twice — and thought...
  • T Hall aerial

    Be Smart. Be Safe. Get Outdoors.

    This is not a typical UNH Today story. These are not typical times. In just a few short months, the coronavirus has led to the creation of a new language, one with phrases like “social distancing”...
  • Insect library

    Special Collections

    One of UNH’s most vital libraries isn’t stocked with books and periodicals. Instead, it’s home to wings and antennae, pincers and stingers. And now, a $4.3 million grant from the National Science...
  • Becky Sideman

    “I didn’t even know this kind of job existed”

    I GREW UP ON A FARM that was in my family for six or seven generations. My mom still runs it with my sister. Both my parents farmed; I’ve been exposed to plants and animals since I was tiny. Several...
  • students at the ECenter during the hackathon

    Hacking to Learn

    Even though she’s a computer science major, Mallorie Biron ’20 had never participated in a 24-hour hackathon. But when she signed on for this year’s (the third) Hack NH, she found out that majors don...
  • Ali Asghar '20

    Good Energy

    There are times in the Pakistani neighborhood where Ali Asghar ’20 grew up that the electricity still goes out for hours; sometimes, half the day. It is estimated that some 50 million people across...
  • Tomoyo Ieda

    The Culture of Learning

    An exchange student hears a different language.
  • Tom Collins '20

    Rocketing Toward His Future

    The first time Thomas Collins’ father took him up in a plane at the Hampton Airfield it was in one of those small two-seaters that have flaps for doors. 
  • Tan Dao ‘20

    10 Weeks with DOE

    The expression “a cast of thousands” could be applied to the volume of applicants the Department of Energy (DOE) receives each year for internships at one of its 17 laboratories.
  • Kabria Baumgartner

    Posing the Big Questions

     A path to teaching perspective.
  • Hamida Hassan '20

    A Village of Support

    Advocates help a Somalian refugee attend college.
  • Carlton Robie '20

    Red Sox And Mariners Internships Big Hit With Paul Senior

    It’s the end of February. Heading toward spring. Meaning commencement is not far from sight. Many seniors are likely wondering what they’ll be doing come May, where they’ll be working or, if they’ve...
  • Erin Linhares ’20

    National Guard Medic and Student

    Erin Linhares '20 took a year off from UNH to become an aerospace medic with the Air National Guard. She is still graduating on time.
  • black and white of members of the League of Women Voters, with Mrs. Alan Polasky, second from right

    League of Women Voters Turns 100

    The League of Women Voters was founded Feb. 14, 1920, six months before the 19th Amendment was ratified.    
  • students in front of an American flag

    Leading the Vote

    First in the nation. It’s the role in presidential primaries that New Hampshire has held since 1920, one that made Granite Staters tighten their grip and pass new legislation when that position was...
  • Learning What She Didn’t Know

    Learning What She Didn’t Know

    Before Lihy Buchbinder ’21 arrived at UNH, she had a cultural experience that few students have: In 2014, after finishing her last two years of high school, she returned to her homeland to serve in...
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