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  • Boston graphic

    People and Place and Need

    James Smugereski ’19 never planned on working for a nonprofit. He was a business major, with a focus in finance. He interned at one of the country’s largest insurance companies — twice — and thought...
  • T Hall aerial

    Be Smart. Be Safe. Get Outdoors.

    This is not a typical UNH Today story. These are not typical times. In just a few short months, the coronavirus has led to the creation of a new language, one with phrases like “social distancing”...
  • Insect library

    Special Collections

    One of UNH’s most vital libraries isn’t stocked with books and periodicals. Instead, it’s home to wings and antennae, pincers and stingers. And now, a $4.3 million grant from the National Science...
  • Becky Sideman

    “I didn’t even know this kind of job existed”

    I GREW UP ON A FARM that was in my family for six or seven generations. My mom still runs it with my sister. Both my parents farmed; I’ve been exposed to plants and animals since I was tiny. Several...
  • students at the ECenter during the hackathon

    Hacking to Learn

    Even though she’s a computer science major, Mallorie Biron ’20 had never participated in a 24-hour hackathon. But when she signed on for this year’s (the third) Hack NH, she found out that majors don...
  • Ali Asghar '20

    Good Energy

    There are times in the Pakistani neighborhood where Ali Asghar ’20 grew up that the electricity still goes out for hours; sometimes, half the day. It is estimated that some 50 million people across...
  • Tomoyo Ieda

    The Culture of Learning

    An exchange student hears a different language.
  • Tom Collins '20

    Rocketing Toward His Future

    The first time Thomas Collins’ father took him up in a plane at the Hampton Airfield it was in one of those small two-seaters that have flaps for doors. 
  • Tan Dao ‘20

    10 Weeks with DOE

    The expression “a cast of thousands” could be applied to the volume of applicants the Department of Energy (DOE) receives each year for internships at one of its 17 laboratories.
  • Kabria Baumgartner

    Posing the Big Questions

     A path to teaching perspective.
  • Hamida Hassan '20

    A Village of Support

    Advocates help a Somalian refugee attend college.
  • Carlton Robie '20

    Red Sox And Mariners Internships Big Hit With Paul Senior

    It’s the end of February. Heading toward spring. Meaning commencement is not far from sight. Many seniors are likely wondering what they’ll be doing come May, where they’ll be working or, if they’ve...
  • Erin Linhares ’20

    National Guard Medic and Student

    Erin Linhares '20 took a year off from UNH to become an aerospace medic with the Air National Guard. She is still graduating on time.
  • black and white of members of the League of Women Voters, with Mrs. Alan Polasky, second from right

    League of Women Voters Turns 100

    The League of Women Voters was founded Feb. 14, 1920, six months before the 19th Amendment was ratified.    
  • students in front of an American flag

    Leading the Vote

    First in the nation. It’s the role in presidential primaries that New Hampshire has held since 1920, one that made Granite Staters tighten their grip and pass new legislation when that position was...
  • Learning What She Didn’t Know

    Learning What She Didn’t Know

    Before Lihy Buchbinder ’21 arrived at UNH, she had a cultural experience that few students have: In 2014, after finishing her last two years of high school, she returned to her homeland to serve in...
  • Andre Brito

    Big Move Leads to UNH

    Editor's Note: This is the latest installment in a series featuring UNH faculty telling their stories in their own words. André Brito, associate professor, agriculture, nutrition and food systems
  • Cerys Eldred

    Quietly Cultivating Opportunity

    George Bergeron ’63 has this philosophy about giving: plant enough seeds and something will grow. He doesn’t care if anyone knows he did the planting; he just wants the results.
  • Katie St. Pierre

    Giving Up a Little to Get a Lot

    When Katie St. Pierre ’21 G was just starting her college career, she knew she wanted to go into nursing, but she was looking for a different experience.
  • Mary Stampone

    Love of Everything Outside Set Course

    Editor's Note: This is the latest installment in a series featuring UNH faculty telling their stories in their own words. Mary Stampone, associate professor of geography, state climatologist "My...
  • Becky Sideman in a field of plants

    A Connection to the Land

    Editor's Note: This is the latest installment in a series featuring UNH faculty telling their stories in their own words. Becky Sideman, Extension sustainable horticulture specialist, professor of...
  • Bailey Travers '23

    Animal Dreams

    Bailey Travers ’23 decided she wanted to be a veterinarian before she knew exactly what that involved
  • Spaulding

    Making Room for Science

    Spaulding Hall was built in 1960. Except for a partial renovation almost 40 years later, nothing has been done to the science building since then — making the in-progress renovations and planned...
  • Solimar Collado ’18G

    Second-Language Skills

    Solimar Collado ’18G was 11 years old when she learned English. She’s self-taught. After graduating from the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez, Collado gave ESL lessons to local adults. Now she’s...
  • Andrew Coppens

    Prompting a Central Question

    Editor's Note: This is the latest installment in a series featuring UNH faculty telling their stories in their own words. Andrew Coppens, assistant professor of education in learning sciences
  • specimens in the UNH collection arranged by soecies

    Creating Insect Libraries

    Istvan Miko compares the 700,000 specimens in UNH’s insects and other arthropods collection to “books in the library of life.”
  • Charity Reed '21

    Anchored in Engineering

    What was meant to be a quick stop at a recruiter’s office so a friend could drop something off led to an eight-year career in the Navy for Charity Reed ’21.
  • Charlie Nitschelm ’20 in a lab with parts of a rocket he's made.

    Space Exploration: The Audacity to Look Up

    Charlie Nitschelm had his job applications related to space exploration automatically rejected since he was a freshman. Then he had one of those chance life moments with just about the biggest player...
  • Russell Miles in Paul College

    Far From the Factory Floor

    “Growing up in East Rochester, New Hampshire, my friends and I would often go exploring in an old abandoned shoe factory near my house. 
  • Pratik Aghor

    Seeing Beauty in Math

    Before Pratik Aghor came to UNH to get his Ph.D. he already knew of associate professor John Gibson's work in applied mathematics. In fact, Gibson is pretty much why he came here. And while it’s not...
  • Larry Mayer

    A Fortuitous Major

    Larry Mayer, director, Center for Coastal And Ocean Mapping
  • Solimar Collado '19

    Second-Language Skills

    Solimar Collado '18G was 11 years old when she learned English. She’s self-taught. After graduating from the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez, Collado used those skills to teach ESL classes to...
  • Penny Watson, Karen Gilbert, Jessica Willis on steps behind Hood House

    Thank You for Your Service

    Karen Gilbert was in the Air Force. Penny Watson served in the Marine Corps and Jessica Willis was deployed to Iraq twice during her time in the Army.
  • ​Alana Gudinas ‘20​

    Affirming Potential

    Two UNH students are receiving help with their education through the Goldwater Scholarship Foundation, which provides scholarships of up to $7,500 a year.
  • UNH's Amy Michael with DNA Doe workers Anthony and Lee Redgrave

    What’s In a Name

    A biological anthropologist works to ID John/Jane Doe.
  • Trench leading from a spring to the wall where villagers can get water

    DO Drink the Water

    There’s a pipe that comes out of a cement wall in a village in Malawi that Emma Turgeon ‘19 helped put there. Before the pipe, there was a trench to dig, and the wall to build and a stone filtration...
  • Curtis Linton '21 on the football field

    Turning Things Around

    McNair Scholar Curtis Linton ’21 aims high.
  • Melissa Aikens, assistant professor biological sciences

    The Long Trajectory

    "I’m a classic case of having had an amazing teacher who challenged me."
  • 20 Years of What Ifs

    20 Years of What Ifs

    UNH's URC, now in its 21st year, is about much more than mice and test tubes.
  • Nooran Alhamdan ’20

    From Refugee Past to Future Leader

    Nooran Alhamdan ’20 is the daughter and granddaughter of Palestinian refugees.
  • Erin Bell

    Beams Build a Career

    In her own words, civil engineering professor Erin Bell shares her journey to academia.
  • Fulbrights

    Scholars Abroad

    Fulbrights to spend nine months teaching English.
  • Tests

    This Isn't a Test

    SAT scores could be a thing of the past.
  • Gymnastics

    Third-Time Charmed

    Gymnastics team soars to EAGL title.
  • Walkania “Mily” Santos’19

    Learning What’s Possible

    From a very early age, Walkania “Mily” Santos '19 knew she wanted to be a doctor.
  • the 25 Social Innovation interns

    Nine Weeks To Start Changing the World

    Since 2011, UNH's Center for Social Innovation and Enterprise has offered students internship opportunities with socially conscious nonprofit and for-profit businesses.
  • Fenway Park in Boston, Massachsetts

    Five Adventures Within An Hour of Campus

    Here are five of our favorite adventures that make for fun, easy getaways.
  • Sokhna Aw '19

    “It’s Never Too Late”

    Sokhna Aw ‘18 ‘19G always dreamed of going to college in America.
  • Nathan Schwadron, associate research professor of physics and astronomy

    Finding Physics in the Bad Stuff

    "When I was in first grade, I fell out of a tree ... I ended up having a grand mal seizure and wound up in a coma."
  • Amada Guapisaca ‘19

    Teaching English Abroad

    Three recent UNH graduates who have received Fulbright English teaching assistantships will spend nine months abroad.
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