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  • Making History

    Making History

    Notable honors. Carefully researched volumes that have claimed the national spotlight. World-renowned scholars.
  • UNH students discussing their play at the URC

    Act III: Bringing UNH History to Life

    What does it take to write an original play and the score to accompany it? “A good amount of homework we weren’t expecting,” says one of the cast members. But, boy did it pay off.
  • UNH student Charles-Nicholas Maulsby Beard '17

    Vitriol, Violence, Diplomacy

    Four history students traveled through time from the Roman Republic to the Islamic State during Thursday's History URC and Alumni Day.
  • UNH student at Undergraduate Research Conference science and engineering symposium

    The ISE Awards

    The prize winners of the 14th Interdisciplinary Science & Engineering Symposium have been announced.
  • TSAS student Brian Hunter and advisor Tim Barretto

    The Music Man

    Thompson School of Applied Science student Brian Hunter ’17 never thought his future might include becoming a teacher. Then his capstone project for his associate’s degree in community leadership led...
  • Three Campuses, Three Commencement Speakers

    UNH’s Manchester and Durham campuses and the UNH School of Law have announced their commencement speakers for 2017. On May 20, Gen. Lori Robinson '81, the first woman to lead a major combatant...
  • Students eating in one of UNH's dining halls

    The Choline Connection

    A UNH faculty member helps Reader’s Digest offer subscribers a closer look at an important nutrient.
  • UNH student Kayla Goodwin

    Out in Front

    Since 2001, April has been designated as Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Long before then, however, UNH was already getting out in front as a leader among college campuses in its work to prevent...
  • UNH Professor Nancy Kinner working with students.

    Live from Russia: UNH’s Nancy Kinner

    Prof. Nancy Kinner is in Russia this week presenting at an international symposium.
  • UNH student Eden Suoth

    Scholar, Leader, Volunteer

    Eden Suoth always imagined going to college in a city. Then he visited UNH.
  • Dimond Library at UNH

    Considering the Source

    Kathrine Aydelott has compiled a resource to help distinguish factual reporting from fake news.
  • Illustration of UNH alumnus John Irving '65

    A Dozen Wildly Successful Liberal Arts Grads

    John Irving ’65What in the world can you do with a liberal arts education?
  • UNH student Janet Khoury

    From Accounting to Arabic

    Janet Khoury has some advice for incoming students: Try new things.From Arabic to accounting, Janet Khoury ’18 has been learning a lot since she arrived at UNH. One thing in particular stands out,...
  • UNH student Sarah Jakositz '18

    Outstanding Opportunities

    Sarah Jakositz ’18 has been immersed in myriad opportunities on campus as a UNH College of Engineering and Physical Sciences student.
  • Trudy Van Zee and team at CaPS at UNH

    Careers 101

    Trudy Van Zee is the new associate vice provost for Career and Professional Success.                           
  • Students hiking in UNH's College Woods

    Great at the Outdoors

    UNH has been ranked seventh on Money magazine’s “10 Best Colleges for People Who Love the Great Outdoors.”
  • Illustration for MLK celebration

    Art as Resistance and Remembrance

    UNH’s 2017 Martin Luther King, Jr., Tribute begins Feb. 1 and continues through Feb. 22.
  • UNH rowers at practice

    Parents’ Generosity Benefits Students

    The Parents Association has done it again. Through its endowment, the association’s leadership group, the Parent Council, has approved $39,143 in funding for 20 projects benefitting UNH students.
  • UNH's Daniel Chavez

    Among the Best of Books

    Daniel Chávez's “Nicaragua and the Politics of Utopia” has been named a Foreign Affairs best book of 2016.
  • UNH alum Aseebulla Niazi '15

    First of a Kind

    Only 30 Rangel Fellows are selected each year, and for the first time, a UNH alum is among them.
  • UNH's Elena Long

    A Scientist’s Cause

    Elena Long has been recognized by Nature magazine as one of "Nature's 10," 10 people who have mattered in 2016.
  • UNH students outside Smith Hall

    Stopping the Stigma

    Across campus, counselors and students are working to raise mental health awareness.
  • UNH student Gabby Greaves

    Seizing the Opportunities

    If Gabrielle “Gabby” Greaves ’18 could tell future Wildcats one thing, it would be to connect with organizations that matter to them. “Get involved. It really opens up a lot of doors,” says Greaves,...
  • UNH student Garrett Thompson

    The Cancer Detective

    A UNH senior won top prize for his cancer research at a UK conference.
  • UNH's Becky Sideman

    Growing Produce in a Desert

    UNH's Becky Sideman discusses a new desert-based agricultural system in use in Australia.
  • UNH's Jorge Abril Sánchez

    On the Trail of Witches

    Jorge Abril Sánchez in his Murkland Hall officeGoblins, ghosts, werewolves, witches. At this time of year, those words conjure images of Halloween and favorite scary stories.
  • UNH graduate student Henry Herndon

    Stars in Their Fields

    Water. Energy. Sustainability. They’re in the headlines almost every week — and addressing these global issues is the basis for award-winning research by UNH graduate students. In recent months,...
  • UNH Health Services

    Healthcare Planning

    USNH has announced that beginning on January 1, Cigna Health and OptumRx will be the new plan administrators for employee health and prescription coverage.
  • UNH's Wild E Cat and Gnarlz during move-in day

    Move-In Time

    The students are coming! With move-in set to begin in earnest on Friday, Aug. 26, check out the changes to parking and bus service.
  • An aerial view of the UNH campus

    FLSA Update

    The USNH plan to implement changes required by the Fair Labor Standards Act is moving forward.
  • UNH professor Will Clyde

    Rocks of Ages

    We know the surface of Earth looked vastly different 2.5 billion years ago — but just how different, and just how events that happened millions of years in the past can give us insight into our world...
  • An infographic showing information on suicide

    A Good Fight

    The university’s commitment to building a safe, supportive culture on campus is getting noticed.
  • UNH alumna Jennifer Blessing working with a service dog in training

    A Dog-Lover’s Tale

     Jennifer Blessing '14 works with a Warrior Canine Connection service dog in training. Jen Blessing ’14 has always loved animals.
  • UNH student Brendan O'Byrne

    Lessons of War

    “You hear a lot of the stories about how bad war is — and it is, there is no doubt — but what people don’t hear a lot about is the other side.” That other side, explains Brendan O’Byrne of Dover, New...
  • A NAFIS staff photo including UNH alumna Jocelyn Bissonnette

    Working for a Cause

    When Jocelyn Bissonnette ’09 was graduating, the economy was in upheaval. It was not a good time to be entering the workforce. Bissonnette, however, had a job waiting for her when she graduated from...
  • The producers and consulting producers of "Shadows Fall North"

    Reclaiming Our History

    The first novel published by an African-American woman. A burial ground lost for decades beneath a city street. An eloquent petition from a group of enslaved men seeking freedom for all. The state’s...
  • Students in Paul College's FIRE program

    On Fire

    They were giving elevator speeches as if they were climbing the corporate ladder before they’d even finished their second semester on campus. They are Paul College’s class of 2019, the first class to...
  • UNH professor Sharyn Potter

    Triumphing Over Tragedy

    Sharyn Potter will never forget 1981.
  • Members of the UNH Class of 2015 celebrate at their commencement

    Icons, Writers, Founders and Firsts

    An international peacemaker. A New York Times bestselling author. The first woman to command the Air Force’s largest air base wing. An icon of the North Country. A citizen of the year from the...
  • UNH senior Kathleen Kuhnly in Times Square

    From Carnegie to City Year

    After two days of intensive rehearsal, Kathleen Kuhnly ’16 walked onto the Carnegie Hall stage as part of the Maine Festival Chorus, fulfilling a dream she never expected would come true. Kuhnly went...
  • A chart showing suicide rates in the United States

    Do You Know Kognito?

    Picture your typical small New England liberal arts college. Now picture that campus completely void of students — 1,300 people, just gone in one year.
  • An illustration of the UNH fanny pack

    Fanny Packs Are Back

    Fanny pack. Belt pack. Buffalo pouch. Hip sack. By whichever name you call it, this 1980s trend in hands-free accessorizing is back with a vengeance. Just ask UNH’s newest alumni, the class of 2016...
  • UNH faculty at commencement 2015

    Faculty: Register Soon for Commencement and Honors Convocation

    Planning is now underway for commencement and the honors convocation, and all faculty are invited and encouraged to participate.
  • 2016 Undergraduate Research Conference Photo Gallery
  • student working at the InterOperability Laboratory

    The IOL Makes Its Move

    Thirty-thousand feet of Ethernet cable and special anti-static carpeting. Hundreds of computers and 50-plus server racks. The UNH InterOperability Laboratory (IOL) may have moved less than 2.5 miles...
  • figures embracing illustration by Brian Stauffer

    Recognizing the Risks, Knowing the Resources

    Illustration by Brian StaufferImagine the entire student body of a small liberal arts college — 1,300 undergraduates — lost to suicide. Now imagine that same tragic loss taking place not just once,...
  • Paul Fire Program students

    Catching FIRE at Paul College

    It’s the typical business networking reception. Food and drinks. High-top tables. Entrepreneurs and executives, dressed in business casual for an after-work gathering, signing in and writing out...
  • UNH alumna Kate Clifford Larson

    An Unprecedented Moment

    The recent news that Harriet Tubman will replace Andrew Jackson on the face of the U.S. Treasury’s $20 bill has received widespread praise. Among those applauding this decision is one UNH alumna who...
  • Interior of the UNH Dairy Bar

    First in the State

    Anyone who has enjoyed a delicious salad or sundae shot while chatting with friends at the UNH Dairy Bar knows this restaurant is one of a kind. Now, the Green Restaurant Association has made that...
  • UNH student Cam Calato '17

    27 Centuries in 90 Minutes

    What do Syria, Nepal, Iran, ancient Galatia and sixth-century Europe have in common?
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