UNH aims to be among top 25 public universities

Thursday, January 24, 2019

President James W. "Jim" Dean Jr. announces four strategic priorities that will guide UNH's success.

To resounding applause, President James W. “Jim” Dean Jr. announced four strategic priorities to help UNH attain new heights as one of the nation’s best public universities. The overarching goal: to be among the top 25 public universities in the country in the most important measures of academic performance.

“I believe, very strongly, that this level of excellence is within our grasp,” Dean said, addressing a standing-room-only crowd on the UNH campus.

Entitled “The Future of UNH,” the plan focuses on expanding academic excellence, embracing New Hampshire, enhancing student success and well-being and building financial strength.

“UNH is absolutely indispensable to the prosperity of New Hampshire,” Dean said during his speech, adding, “The lamp of knowledge, lit in Durham, will burn brightly.”

UNH President Dean addressing a crowd
President Dean details UNH's key strategic priorities and future aspirations.

“I believe, very strongly, that this level of excellence is within our grasp.”

Four Strategic Priorities

Expand Academic Excellence

UNH will attract increasingly strong and diverse students and faculty from across the country and abroad. The university will be known and respected for the high caliber of teaching, research and advising in its academic programs. Its distinguished research, scholarship and doctoral education will be recognized worldwide.

To those ends, UNH will work to re-envision its Honors Program, create a Corporate Partners Program, identify and support high-potential research and graduate programs and expand graduate education.

Embrace New Hampshire

UNH will work hard to make everyone in New Hampshire incredibly proud of their flagship public university. Students will grow up here wanting to come to UNH, and it will be the first choice for the best and brightest students from New Hampshire and around the world. UNH will build collaborations that support New Hampshire’s economy and quality of life, and will be a trusted, valuable and consistent partner.

The initiatives to achieve this goal include creating a business council, expanding visits by leadership and students at the state capital and partnering with New Hampshire high schools.

Enhance Student Success and Well-Being

UNH will ensure that all students graduate on time as engaged and ethical global citizens. They will be prepared to thrive in their first jobs and throughout their careers. In order to do this, UNH will become a national leader in designing the educational experience from the first year to graduation.

Plans include a UNH-wide retention program that focuses on the first two years of college, rethinking UNH’s core curriculum and providing state-of-the-art teaching and learning.

Share Your Thoughts

UNH President Jim Dean

President Dean encourages the UNH community to become a part of the discussion.

Email your comments and insights to presidents.office@unh.edu.

Build Financial Strength

UNH will be a national leader in cost management and aligning its budget and resources with its strategic priorities. UNH will become more accessible and affordable for students by diversifying revenue sources and managing expenses. UNH will meet the full range of student needs by providing world-class faculty, facilities and organization.

Initiatives include establishing a new standalone finance department, to be led by a chief financial officer, examining cost management in academic and non-academic areas, diversifying tuition revenue and initiating a new capital campaign.

See the full set of aspirations and initiatives and learn how you can get involved at The Future of UNH website.

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