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  • UNH students moving in to the upper quad

    College Packing List: Commonly Forgotten Items

    Things like professional wear and dishes might not be on your list but will come in handy as a college freshman.
  • UNH class on lawn

    Advice for Your First Week of College

    The first week of college is always a little nerve-wracking for incoming freshmen. Here are some tips to keep in mind.
  • a UNH student arriving at June orientation

    Pre-Orientation First Year Programs

    So, you’re enrolled at UNH. At the end of August, you’ll head to Wildcat Days — a weekend for new students to settle into campus before upperclassmen arrive and fall classes begin. But if you’re...
  • UNH Mills Hall

    The UNH Housing Guide

    Between trying to arrange combinations of friends and anxiously awaiting your RAC time when you can log in to select a hall, the housing process is a big deal. Fortunately, there are plenty of...
  • tugboats at a dock in Portsmouth

    What’s Happening Around the Seacoast This Summer

    From internships in Portsmouth to jobs in Durham, there are plenty of reasons for Wildcats to stick around the New Hampshire seacoast over the summer.
  • UNH students walking in front of Thompson Hall on University Day

    Guide to Getting Involved at UNH

    Joining a club that aligns with your interests or even just knowing about the latest events around campus can make your college experience a lot more fun and rewarding. UNH has a multitude of ways to...
  • 150 things to do at UNH

    150 Things To Do at UNH – Part I

    In celebration of UNH's 150th anniversary, here’s a list of 150 things to do at UNH. Go to a UNH Football game, attend a social at your residence hall, follow @UNHStudents and @UofNH on Twitter,...
  • students sitting in Albert's Cafe at UNH

    Top 5 Coffee Shops on Campus

    These convenient stops around campus make it easy to grab a drink to sip as you study or walk to class. You can also grab a healthy snack to go.
  • Charlotte Harris '18 and other UNH students in front of an aqueduct in Spain

    My UNH: Charlotte Harris ’18

    “From my first week at college when I made enduring friendships with the people in my residence hall to the engaging connections I continue to make as a junior, the UNH community has always been...
  • students studying at UNH

    Best Places to Study in Durham

    Whether you prefer total silence or don’t mind some noise, there’s something for everyone. Here are some of the best places to set up for a long day of studying.
  • a UNH student and professor talking

    Tips for Talking to Your Professors

    Talking to your professor may seem intimidating, but it really is an important thing to do in your college classes.
  • a harbor in Portland, Maine

    A Day in Portland, Maine

    Even though our beautiful Durham campus is situated in a small town, UNH students have incredible access to the cities of New England. Recently, I decided to see just how easy it is to get from...
  • a UNH coastal laboratory

    Top Five Most Interesting Classrooms at UNH

    Whether your interests are marine ecology or dairy management, nursing or tidal patterns, there are places on UNH’s campus and beyond that let you get out of the traditional classroom setting and get...
  • UNHInnovation logo at the UNH Entrepreneurship Center

    Inside the UNH Entrepreneurship Center

    Since November 2015, UNH’s student entrepreneurs have had an incredible resource at their fingertips — the Peter T. Paul Entrepreneurship Center. Located in the new UNHInnovation wing of Madbury...
  • UNH students sitting on Thompson Hall lawn

    College Student Summer Checklist

    You know those tasks that pile up during the school year that you just don’t have the time to complete? Well, now that it’s summertime, you might find yourself with more free time to check off some...
  • popcorn bags at a UNH Campus Activities Board booth

    10 Free Things To Do at UNH

    Most college students are on a tight budget, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. At UNH, there are plenty of fun things to do that are completely free.
  • UNH students volunteering with Engineers Without Borders

    Volunteering and Community Service Opportunities at UNH

    One of the things that UNH students are most passionate about is getting involved, especially with community service projects. There’s something for everyone, whether your passion is working with...
  • 5 Reasons to learn a foreign language

    5 Reasons Why You Should Learn a Foreign Language

    There will be many moments when you will feel incredibly frustrated, but then there are the times where you realize how cool it is to know a different language… How much wider your world is, how much...
  • Barcelona rooftops

    An Architectural Walk through Barcelona

    We recently had a week off from classes here in Granada. I had plans to visit Budapest and Prague, but a strike among French air traffic controllers meant that my flight was cancelled. Since I was...
  • rooftops of Chefchaouen, Morocco

    Musings on Morocco

    Last weekend, I had the incredible opportunity to visit Morocco and left truly enchanted by the colorful cities, delicious food, beautiful landscapes and vibrant culture.
  • buildings in Granada

    Exploring Granada: The Albaicín

    Today I’ll guide you through one of my favorite neighborhoods in Granada, the Albaicín, which was founded by the Moors who ruled Granada during Medieval times.
  • an archway in the Alhambra in Granada

    Exploring Granada: The Alhambra

    Beautiful and steeped in history, Granada is a mid-sized city located in the Sierra Nevada mountain range in southern Spain’s picturesque Andalucía region. If not for the iconic Alhambra, what many...
  • Charlotte Harris UNH

    The UNH-Managed Study Abroad Experience

    As you may know, UNH provides several different options for students looking to study abroad. Here are the some of the perks when you choose a UNH-managed program.
  • buildings in Granada, Spain

    5 Tips for Surviving Your First Month Abroad

    As of February 13, I have officially been in Spain for one month. These four weeks have brought many adjustments, a few challenges, and plenty of incredible experiences. 
  • Durham vs. Granada

    Daily Life in Durham vs. Granada

    One of the bigger adjustments I had to make since arriving in Spain is adapting to the Spanish daily schedule. The mealtimes, routines, and customs of the Spanish culture are very different from...
  • a UNH study abroad student holding hands with children

    Spending Your Semester Elsewhere

    I think it’s safe to say that most of us enjoy our Durham community because of all the opportunities for students to get involved and earn experience, but if you’re looking to get out into the world...
  • UNH outdoors

    Getting Outdoors Around Durham

    Durham’s unique location between rivers, bays and farms means there is no shortage of beautiful outdoor areas around UNH. 
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