Tuesday, March 14, 2017
UNH students walking in front of Thompson Hall on University Day

Now that we’re a few months into the year, you’ve probably settled into a nice routine of classes, studying, and free time. That means it’s the perfect time to see what time in your schedule you have to join some clubs or student organizations! UNH has a multitude of ways to get involved on campus. Joining a club that aligns with your interests or even just having a pulse on the latest events around campus can make your college experience a lot more fun and rewarding.

Here are four tips for staying in-the-know about campus happenings and getting involved:

  1. Use WildcatLink

    WildcatLink provides a comprehensive list of student organizations and even allows you to access contact information, meeting times, important forms, and more. WildcatLink also provides an up-to-date list of events happening around UNH.

  2. Keep an eye on the master calendar

    UNH has a master calendar including all academic deadlines and events on campus. You can even customize the calendar and filter by college or department.

  3. Use social media

    Another great and easy way to stay informed of the campus happenings is to use social media. Follow @UNHStudents on Instagram and Twitter for campus news and live coverage of events. Also, give a follow on Twitter to some student organizations or university departments who have events you might be interested in.

    @UofNH has general university information, @UNHWildcats has athletics information and game scores, @UNHCaPS has reminders of upcoming workshops and resources, @UNH_MUB has the latest on fun MUB events and concerts, and @UNHCampusRec has information on recreational events… just to name a few! Your college is another great one to find on Twitter, because they post about interesting guest lectures and more.

  4. Think outside the box

    Some of the coolest events I’ve been to have been ones that I normally wouldn’t consider attending but had to for one reason or another. The various organizations on campus do an amazing job with the events they host, so even if it might not seem appealing initially, still consider going!

    UNH Career and Professional Success workshops are always super useful, Health & Wellness does informative and innovative resource fairs, and CIEGE has great eye-opening cultural celebrations. Don’t be afraid to go to educational lectures, too. UNH often hosts leading intellectuals in various fields and professions, and attending these lectures can be extremely interesting.


UNH students at University Day
U Day, which happens every September, is a great time to find a club or student org to join, but don’t forget that you can get involved at any time throughout the year!

Now that you know where to find information on events and organizations, it’s time to think about clubs you could join based on your interests. Many clubs at UNH appeal to those in certain majors or with certain passions. Here are some suggestions of lesser-known clubs based on your interests…

If you’re interested in business…

If you love music…

Full list here

UNH male a capella group

If you love dance…

If you love to write…

Full list here.


overhead view of UNH students walking around a fair

If you want to give back…

If you want to promote a more inclusive society…

Full list here.


UNH VOX booth at University Day

If you’re passionate about healthy living…

If you’re interested in different cultures…

Full list here.


UNH students at University Day

If you want to improve our campus…

If you’re dramatic or comedic…

For a full list of our over 300+ student organizations, check out WildcatLink! Don’t forget that you can filter the list of organizations by interest using the “Categories” filter on the left hand column.

What’s your favorite club on campus? Let us know on Twitter @UNHStudents.